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Latest Headlines

Verizon blasts CWA copper network claims, calling them a labor negotiation tactic

Verizon says that the Communications Workers of America union's claims that the telco is abandoning its copper networks in various states is just a labor negotiation tactic.

Alcatel-Lucent says VDSL2, vectoring isn't enough to deliver 100 Mbps over existing copper

Alcatel-Lucent may be an advocate of VDSL2 and vectoring, but the Franco American company says that those technologies may be not be enough to overcome interference issues to deliver 100 Mbps and above over existing copper pairs to broadband customers.

New York City needs to support Verizon's fiber switchover

The resistance to Verizon's replacement of copper infrastructure with fiber by six NYC landlords, and pushback by some subscribers, isn't entirely surprising. But the move to a fiber-based infrastructure is an important step forward.

AT&T fights copper theft in Atlanta with $3,000 reward

AT&T (NYSE: T) may be continually updating its network to fiber, but its copper-based last mile continues to be a victim of thieves that want to make quick buck. After seeing more than 200 copper

Telco Systems strikes deal for ANDA's assets to bolster Ethernet product set

Telco Systems is moving to fill out its Ethernet demarcation and access product set by acquiring ANDA Networks assets and intellectual property. The Telco Systems announcement of the deal--in an

Virgin Media, Surf Telecoms in 'ultrafast' broadband trial

Villagers in Crumlin, Caerphilly, Wales will start getting ultrafast 50 Mbps broadband, 5,000 hours of catch-up TV and on-demand content as part of a trial being conducted by Virgin Media (Nasdaq:

Alcatel-Lucent helps deliver DirecTV to condos using VDSL2 over existing copper

DirecTV is coming down from the clouds thanks to a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent that has turned the satellite provider into a mini-cable TV system by using VDSL2 technology to deliver DirecTV's

FBI puts spotlight on copper theft

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a report today highlighting the growing problem of copper wire theft and emphasizing how all levels of law enforcement are now attacking the once-obscure

Evslin: No more landlines under Obama

VoIP guru Tom Evslin is predicting the death of copper landlines by the end of Barak Obama's first term. We aren't sure if he's a little too bearish on the subject. Evslin recites the current trends