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Latest Headlines

HBO issues takedown notice to Twitter-owned Periscope regarding 'Game of Thrones' live streams

HBO has sent takedown notices to Twitter's new live-streaming app, Periscope, after a number of its users were caught illegally streaming the fifth-season premiere of the hit HBO series  Game of Thrones.

Viacom settles $1B lawsuit filed against YouTube

Viacom said Tuesday that it signed an agreement with Google which resolves a $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit that the media giant filed against YouTube in 2007, the year after it was acquired by Google.

TekSavvy granted extension to fight Voltage Pictures' copyright lawsuit

TekSavvy, a Canadian competitive broadband provider, has been granted more time to build a defense against Voltage Picture's lawsuit to get the names of subscribers who use P2P service to download its films.

Comcast refuses to name subscribers accused of stealing porn

Comcast is fighting subpoenas demanding that it identify 88 of its high-speed Internet subscribers who have been accused of downloading porn through file-sharing service BitTorrent.

Aereo gets 1 of 3 claims dismissed in copyright infringement case

Startup online video service provider Aereo saw one of the claims brought against it by a group of broadcasters dismissed on Monday by a federal judge, but the company is not yet out of the woods.

ISPs, programmers name Jill Lesser executive director of anti-piracy organization

Media companies and ISPs have established the Center for Copyright Information to combat online piracy, and have named an executive director, along with several advisory board members as the

Aereo hires Cablevision attorney for copyright battle with broadcasters

Aereo has hired David Hosp, a copyright attorney who helped Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) win its landmark network DVR lawsuit, to wage a court fight with broadcasters attempting to shut down its platform

Free speech shouldn't be a shield for online thieves

(Left to right) Mike McCurry, Mark McKinnon, Arts+Labs co-chairmen By Mike McCurry and Mark McKinnon, Arts+Labs The First Amendment is critical to much of what Americans cherish about our

Tackling online piracy through graduated response: the new copyright alert system

Rick Carnes, Adviser, Arts+Labs The always-evolving relationship between ISPs and content owners took another turn toward cooperation and mutual respect in early July. Major ISPs including

Hollywood studios go after online movie rental service Zediva

If you were wondering when Zediva, the company that streams movies to consumers on demand from banks of DVD players in its Santa Clara data center for a buck or two per movie, was going to get hit