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Latest Headlines

Make your voice heard with the FCC: NOI comments due July 15

In its latest attempt to impose net neutrality rules, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on June 17 released a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on broadband reclassification. This risky strategy

BT wants union to come back to the bargain table

BT's (NYSE: BT) top brass has reached out to the Communication Workers Union (CWA), a group that represents about half of its 128,000 of its workers, with a hope they can resolve its pay raise

BT hopes to ward off strike with new pay raise offer

BT (NYSE: BT) wants to avoid its first worker strike in over two decades so its upping its pay increase for its workers. The revised offer, which includes a 3 percent raise in 2011 in addition to the

Frontier unfazed by union protest over purchase of Verizon lines

West Virginia-based Verizon telephone union workers continue to rally against the sale of the company's assets to Frontier Communications, but neither Verizon or Frontier seem concerned that the deal

Union members held protest of Frontier/Verizon deal at FCC headquarters

Frontier may be making progress in gaining necessary state regulatory approvals for its purchase of Verizon's rural lines, but members of the West Virginia Communications Workers of America (CWA)

Verizon California CWA union members authorize strike

Verizon's Southern Californian workers aren't happy about how they are being treated, and if a fair contract is not reached soon about 5,500 Southern California-based Verizon technicians that are

West Virginia continues to protest Verizon-Frontier deal

Little more than a week after an Illinois judge suggested that state regulators should block Verizon's wireline asset sale to Frontier, 5,000 West Virginians have signed a petition asking the state's

AT&T Southeast, CWA ratify core wireline agreement

After failing to ratify a tentative agreement they reached last December, AT&T wireline workers in the Southeast Region (CWA District 3) Friday voted to ratify a three-year agreement between the

Comcast continues to make case for NBCU

Now that the Olympics are over and Jay Leno's back on late night, the focus can return to Comcast's effort to purchase 51 percent of NBC Universal--the network of said Olympics and Leno. Comcast and

Frontier gets Ohio's blessing for Verizon line acquisition

Frontier has crossed off another item on its to-do list to acquire Verizon's rural lines as Ohio's Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to approve the deal. This latest approval follows