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Latest Headlines

Comcast continues to make case for NBCU

Now that the Olympics are over and Jay Leno's back on late night, the focus can return to Comcast's effort to purchase 51 percent of NBC Universal--the network of said Olympics and Leno. Comcast and

Frontier gets Ohio's blessing for Verizon line acquisition

Frontier has crossed off another item on its to-do list to acquire Verizon's rural lines as Ohio's Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to approve the deal. This latest approval follows

AT&T, Southeast wireline unions strike tentative agreement

After failing to seal the deal in December with union wireline workers in its Southeast region, AT&T has gone back to the negotiation table and reached a new tentative agreement with

Unions, FairPoint work to get company back on course

In an unprecedented move, the International Brotherhood Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) unions have struck a pact with FairPoint to right the ship out of

West Virginia unions protest Verizon's Frontier deal

Regulators aren't the only ones opposed to Frontier's impending deal to purchase Verizon's old lines in West Virginia. Now, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and politicians

AT&T to cut even more wireline employees

Ongoing landline losses are forcing AT&T's hand to cut more employees in Connecticut, but the decision isn't sitting well with either local unions or state regulators. In Connecticut, AT&T

2009 Year in review: Runners up

Although I think we picked a solid list for our 2009 year in review series, there are a few others I felt I could not overlook in the process: France Telecom's suicides: While it may seem like a

Cincinnati Bell to axe more jobs in 2010

Sticking to its cost cutting guns, Cincinnati Bell plans to lay off employees and implement a hiring freeze next year as part of a company-wide expense reduction program for 2010. Other than saying

AT&T, CWA Southeast hammer out a tentative contract agreement

The ongoing saga between AT&T Southeast's wireline workers and company management may finally be nearing an end as the ILEC has finally reached a tentative agreement with union workers in the

Verizon swings layoff axe in New York

Verizon is keeping its promise that it would hand out another set of pink slips, and one of its first targets in this process is the Long Island area of New York. This follows an announcement made in