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Ovum: Possible CWA strike won't affect AT&T capex

Ovum analyst Ron Klein says a potential strike by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) wouldn't affect AT&T's short term capital expenditures. If anything, AT&T will likely press to

AT&T workers protest in Connecticut

NECN.com reported Sunday that AT&T workers in Hamden, Conn., protested outside of an AT&T call center in opposition to the telco's plan to train management employees how to run the center in

Private sector: Just give us the (broadband stimulus) money

Cable, wireless and satellite providers have put together a united front on broadband stimulus grant monies, telling the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) that it

AT&T union talks affecting 112,500 proceed

Fresh off a new contract agreement for its wireless unit workforce, AT&T has five regional union contracts affecting 112,500 wireline workers up for renewal on April 4. The telco is talking to

AT&T Mobility, CWA reach deal

AT&T has two union contracts up for renewal early this year, but the first deal finally appears to be done, at least tentatively. AT&T Mobility and the Communications Workers of America

CWA rallies Texas AT&T workers

On the eve of contract negotiations that begin Tuesday, the Communications Worker of America Local 6139 held a public rally in Beaumont, Texas on Monday evening to mark the start of its contract

AT&T, CWA talks stall

Negotiations between AT&T Mobility and the Communications Workers of America reportedly stalled late Sunday after resuming earlier in the day following a late Saturday session. AT&T,

AT&T Mobility, CWA still talking

AT&T Mobility and the Communications Workers of America union were set to resume contract negotiations on Sunday after no deal was reached by an extended Saturday midnight deadline. Union members

Telco job cuts catch new scrutiny

AT&T announced late last year that it will cut about 12,000 jobs amid economic downturn and in an effort to become more competitive. More than 400 of those job cuts are expected to come in

Union: Verizon uses copper quick-fixes

During the same week that Verizon Communications said it will embrace femtocells, and not long after it committed to an imminent VoIP rollout, Communications Workers of America officials in New York