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Latest Headlines

AT&T West, CWA reach tentative agreement

AT&T's Western division has reached a tentative deal with the Communications Workers of America District 9. The four-year agreement, which covers more than 17,000 wireline employees in California and Nevada, will be submitted to CWA members to be voted on in the next few days.

AT&T West employees threaten strike amidst negotiations

Wireline employees of AT&T West in California and Nevada represented by the Communications Workers of America are still working--despite being unable to hash out a new labor agreement with the telco last week--as union leaders debate whether or not to strike.

AT&T, IBEW carve out tentative wireline union agreement

AT&T laid out the terms of a tentative agreement with 6,500 Illinois and northwestern Indiana workers represented by the IBEW System Council T-3 in wireline contract negotiations.

Cablevision rehires 22 CWA union members fired in January

Cablevision confirmed that it has rehired 22 employees who were fired in January after they demanded a meeting with a manager to discuss the company's contract talks with their union, the Communications Workers of America.

AT&T West, CWA workers lock horns on 3-year contract

AT&T and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 9 faced a new setback in wireline union negotiations on Thursday as they were not able to come to ratify a three-year agreement with AT&T West.

AT&T, CWA District 9 reach tentative agreement

AT&T on Wednesday took a step toward closing another chapter in its ongoing union contract negotiations by striking a tentative agreement with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 9 for wireline workers in the telco's West region.

Cablevision says Brooklyn employees want to quit union

One year after Cablevision employees in Brooklyn, N.Y., voted to join the Communications Workers of America, Cablevision said on Friday that union members are petitioning the National Labor Relations Board to schedule a vote that could see CWA's union status decertified.

AT&T Southwest, CWA go back to wireline workers with new contract agreement

AT&T Southwest has reached a new tentative contract agreement with the Communications Workers of America District 6 affecting its wireline workers, days after negotiations resumed in the wake of a previous tentative offer being rejected by District 6 membership.

CWA refuses AT&T Southwest's latest 4-year contract offer

AT&T Southwest on Wednesday suffered another setback on the wireline union negotiation front as the Communications Workers of America District 6 failed to ratify a new four-year labor contract.

Cablevision files defamation suit against CWA

Cablevision sued the Communications Workers of America, alleging the union has "engaged in an unlawful campaign to discredit and libel Cablevision and its business."