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Latest Headlines

Verizon's Silliman on creating regulatory balance for special access, privacy, net neutrality

Whether it is special access, net neutrality, the recent labor strike, or shedding wireline assets to Frontier, Craig Silliman, EVP of Public Policy and General Counsel of Verizon, has a full plate. Sean Buckley, senior editor of FierceTelecom, caught up with Silliman during the TIA 2016 trade show in Dallas to talk about the pressing policy issues Verizon is dealing with today.

ISACA announces data privacy task force

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) is making an effort to promote data privacy awareness and knowledge among businesses and government organizations, announcing a new global task force.

For providers, how far does consumers' data privacy extend?

Today marks the fifth Data Privacy Day, an international event that aims to improve knowledge and practices around protection of data, particularly online.Where does the wireline segment stand in terms of protecting its customers?

European Union takes data privacy more seriously than the U.S.

In today's spotlight, managing editor Samantha Bookman takes a look at how Europeans and Canadians marked Data Privacy Day last week compared to the efforts of the U.S. National Cyber Security

EU takes its data privacy seriously; why won't the U.S.?

Last Saturday, Jan. 28, activists and lawmakers in the EU and Canada celebrated an event that got relatively little publicity here: European Privacy Day. It was the culminating date in a monthlong

U.S. cloud vendors risk losing European market due to data privacy disconnect

For the past year and beyond, a rising tide of concern within the European Parliament regarding its citizens' data privacy has put the U.S. on the defensive and American companies, particularly those