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Latest Headlines

Report: Verizon positioned to pocket Yahoo for $5B

Verizon is in the final stages of a $5 billion deal to walk away with Yahoo's core internet business, according to Bloomberg. The carrier is positioned to beat out AT&T and other rivals in the final round of bidding for the beleaguered company. The offer doesn't include Yahoo's patents – not as it stands, at least – and it's unclear whether other assets might be included.

Mobile app revenue steers toward $79B worldwide by 2020, Ovum says

Expect global mobile application revenue and app downloads to increase significantly over the next few years, according to Ovum. The technology analyst has predicted global mobile app revenue will increase from $36 billion in 2015 to $79 billion in 2020.

Discovery Communications' Atkins carves a new digital content identity

Sean Atkins, senior vice president of digital media at Discovery Communications, is in an interesting position. He oversees three of the company's key areas: native digital content, original digital video connected to popular TV series, and branded entertainment.

Hibernia renamed Hibernia Networks to reflect global solutions focus

Hibernia Atlantic on Wednesday changed its name to Hibernia Networks, a move that reflects the fact that it has grown beyond being just a submarine cable operator to a broader network solutions provider.

Digital media challenges in Western Europe

The large and growing online population in Western European countries creates a significant audience for digital media services, albeit with many challenges for providers wanting to reach this audience. As broadband penetration increases, consumers are turning to online sources to find interesting content. However, poor financial conditions are affecting consumer digital media decisions, particularly for online video.

SeaChange acquires Flashlight Engineering and Consulting

SeaChange International, which has been pretty busy lately shedding business units, went to market and actually acquired the assets, intellectual property (including source code) and employees of Flashlight Engineering and Consulting.