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Latest Headlines

Ovum: IPTV over FTTx set to make up for DSL stall

U.K.-based market research firm Ovum said growth of IPTV services over DSL infrastructures is stalling in several markets throughout the world, but that fiber-to-the-X designs are at the same time

BT offers free speed upgrade to stay competitive

BT realizes that if it's going to stay on even footing with its broadband rivals it will need to increase the speed of its DSL service. U.K.'s incumbent operator is offering its customers a 20 Mbps

Verizon offers NFL Sunday Ticket deal

Verizon Communications is looking to combat DSL customer defections with new incentive-laden service bundles combining DSL Internet access, DirecTV HD DVR Plus and even voice calling. One major

Alcatel-Lucent pushes bonding, energy-saving DSL

Alcatel-Lucent announced a new software release for its Intelligent Services Access Manager platform that enables VDSL2 line-bonding for improved bandwidth. The development comes at a time when

BT pushes Ethernet in the First Mile

Facing increasing network traffic driven by booming advanced video and 3G mobile usage, U.K. telco BT is moving more aggressively into Ethernet Services with the deployment of Ethernet in the First

Covad upgrades network, adds bonded T1

Covad Communications announced Wednesday it has upgraded its broadband network in a continuing effort to develop a full suite of access and network services. The upgrade, available to Covad's

Broadband up in Ireland

Despite a significant downturn in employment, the number of broadband subscribers went up by 6.7 percent in the last quarter of 2008. Digital TV also showed a gain. Ireland's communications regulator

Ericsson tests vectorized VDSL2

Network equipment vendor giant Ericsson claims to have conducted the telecom industry's first live demonstration of vectorized VDSL2, reaching a rate of more than 500Mbps, or half a gigabit per

Optus offers naked DSL

Down Under, Optus joins the ranks of several smaller telcos in Australia offering naked DSL (i.e. without voice landline service). With more tech-savvy Aussies using VoIP and/or shifting to mobile

Toledo touts savings from OTT act

Toledo Telephone Co. of Toledo, Wash., is one of many small independent telcos that have turned away from investing in an IPTV architecture and brand, and instead have tried to exploit the full video