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Latest Headlines

Genesis secures funding, carrier interest for DSL Ring technology

It would seem that Genesis Technical Systems' debut of its 400 Mbps DSL Rings technology could be ho-hum news, especially in light of claims by Huawei and Nokia Siemens' claims of transmitting 700

Wireline voice losses eat into Telmex's (NYSE: TII) Q3 net profit

Telmex (NYSE: TII) may be Mexico's dominant service provider, but a 21.5 percent year-on-year decline in net profit illustrates the larger competitive threat with cable operators and competitive

Sri Lanka Telecom makes progress with its next-generation network

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is serious about transforming its PSTN voice network to one that can support a host of new IP services. Greg Young, CEO of SLT, revealed in a TeleGeography article that the

Huawei achieves 700 Mbps DSL feat

Huawei has developed a prototype of a new technology it claims can enable a 700 Mbps DSL connection. Dubbed SuperMIMO, Huawei's prototype DSL technology uses four twisted copper pairs to deliver a

Telstra fined $16.7 million for blocking competitors from COs

Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) will now have to pay a $16.7 million (AUD19 million) fine for illegally blocking competitors access to its local COs (central offices). After the Australian Competition and

Worldwide broadband: 484 million lines and counting

For the first time since the end of 2008, Point Topic revealed in its latest research at the CommunicAsia trade show that broadband subscriptions rebounded after a year of slow growth. As of the end

Week in Research: Cox Communications tops network reliability among SMBs

Network reliability is job one: Network reliability among data providers has improved markedly since 2009, a report from J.D. Power & Associates says. The average number of short duration outages

Telstra faces $32 million fine for denying network access to competitors

Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) may now have to shell out $32 million in fines for preventing competitors connecting to its telephone exchanges to deliver DSL service. Initially, the Australian Competition and

Life left in DSL? Bell Labs gets 300 Mbps out of copper

Looks like there's plenty of life left in copper after all. Alca-Lu's Bell Labs has managed to pop DSL download speeds to 300 Mbps over a short (400 meters) stretch of wire using a technology called

Telstra faces stiff penalty for holding up competitors' DSL rollouts

Telstra's forced break up by the Australian government is only one problem the incumbent carrier is facing these days. Now, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) filed a suit