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Latest Headlines

Telstra faces $32 million fine for denying network access to competitors

Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) may now have to shell out $32 million in fines for preventing competitors connecting to its telephone exchanges to deliver DSL service. Initially, the Australian Competition and

Life left in DSL? Bell Labs gets 300 Mbps out of copper

Looks like there's plenty of life left in copper after all. Alca-Lu's Bell Labs has managed to pop DSL download speeds to 300 Mbps over a short (400 meters) stretch of wire using a technology called

Telstra faces stiff penalty for holding up competitors' DSL rollouts

Telstra's forced break up by the Australian government is only one problem the incumbent carrier is facing these days. Now, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) filed a suit

Mallinson: LTE to bridge wired Internet gaps in Europe

The advent of LTE will help bridge the digital divide in Europe, where wireline Internet penetration has lagged mobile penetration, argues consulting firm WiseHarbor's Keith Mallinson. Broadband

STB comeback: Pace claims No. 2, will buy Bewan

Update, 3/8/10: Screen Digest lead analyst Tom Morrod shed some light on how the firm compiled its set-top box market numbers. It's tally was based on data reported by the vendors themselves, along

Virgin Media gets ready for a 100 Mbps rumble

To counter recent findings that it's a "broadband laggard," Virgin Media plans to roll out a 100 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 service by the end of the year with plans to expand its 200 Mbps service trial. In

Ericsson prepared to wait for femto price to equal Wi-Fi access points

While Mobile World Congress will have more femtocell products and technology on display than ever before, Ericsson has decided to maintain its long-held view that the market for 3G femtocells remains

Delaware's PUC says Verizon is abandoning its DSL subscribers

Delaware's Public Utility Commission (PUC) has a simple message to Verizon: Fiber to the premise may be your ultimate network ambition, but don't turn your back on your DSL customers. Industry

Ovum: IPTV over FTTx set to make up for DSL stall

U.K.-based market research firm Ovum said growth of IPTV services over DSL infrastructures is stalling in several markets throughout the world, but that fiber-to-the-X designs are at the same time

BT offers free speed upgrade to stay competitive

BT realizes that if it's going to stay on even footing with its broadband rivals it will need to increase the speed of its DSL service. U.K.'s incumbent operator is offering its customers a 20 Mbps