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Latest Headlines

Genesis Technical says it can deliver 400 Mbps over existing copper

Genesis Technical Systems said that its new technology, DSL Rings, can deliver 400 Mbps speeds over existing copper infrastructure "at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-premise."

Frontier to serve up higher broadband speeds in West Va.

Frontier Communications on Monday said it plans to start delivering up to 25 Mbps DSL services to 405,000 West Virginia residential and business customers.

FairPoint extends DSL broadband to 14 more New Hampshire towns

FairPoint on Wednesday hatched a plan to expand broadband availability in 14 towns in New Hampshire, a move that will bring service to about 1,845 homes and businesses.

An overview of VDSL2 vectoring

Vectored DSL as defined in ITU-T Recommendation G.993.5 supports line speeds of greater than 100 Mbps on loops up to 500 meters in length, enabling the most advanced application services to be carr

British cool to 'superfast' broadband services, while U.S. market smothering DSL

Things are apparently different on the other side of the ocean when it comes to "superfast broadband services." Even though 60 percent of U.K. premises had access to high-speed broadband, only 7 percent of Internet connections were being used, according to Ofcom.

DSL vendor ASSIA grabs first Chinese customer, China Telecom Jiangsu

Word that ASSIA, a vendor that provides dynamic spectrum management (DSM) software tools for DSL networks, has signed China Telecom Jiangsu as its first Chinese customer shows that the Chinese are anxious to move ahead with broadband over existing copper networks.

Achieving quality IPTV over DSL

IPTV over DSL must continue to enhance its capabilities in order to compete with TV services provided by terrestrial TV, hybrid fiber coaxial cable services, fiber to the home and satellite deliver

ABI Research: FTTH costs giving telcos pause

Even though Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks bring blazing speed and a fat pipe on which to offer new, competitive services like IPTV, telcos worldwide are increasingly finding themselves in a financial quandary when deciding to quit copper and move to fiber, according to ABI Research's Broadband CPE report.

FCC debates whether DSL or FTTP is best fit for the Connect America fund

The Federal Communications Commission wants to know if Fiber to the Premises or hybrid copper/fiber Fiber to the Node is the best option to fill the broadband availability gap in rural communities.

AT&T believes IP DSLAMs could solve its rural broadband problem

AT&T (NYSE: T) is considering breathing new life into its rural wireline networks to deliver broadband services, a move that goes against its recent drive to divest what it believes are