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Latest Headlines

Rumor mill: Deutsche Telekom to begin throttling DSL users

Deutsche Telekom is going to start throttling DSL speeds on users who go over a set bandwidth limit, according to rumors reported on a telecom blog.

AT&T ups U-verse speeds to 45 Mbps in Texas

AT&T is getting ready to extend its higher speed DSL offerings using a mix of pair bonding and VDSL2, and will reportedly begin a trial of 45 Mbps service in Dallas this month. But this first wave of speed upgrades initially won't include the 75 Mbps speeds it has promised through its Project VIP initiative.

Verizon slaps new $5 fee on its DSL subscribers

Verizon is once again putting a damper on its DSL subscriber base by imposing a new $5 fee on the service at a time when it has been shifting much of its attention to its wireless networks.

Frontier serves up $20, no contract DSL plan

Frontier Communications on Monday introduced a $20 per month DSL service offer for its residential and business customers in the regions it serves.

AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Windstream face DSL patent suits

Patent holding company Intellectual Ventures is accusing AT&T, CenturyLink and Windstream of violating several of its patents related to DSL technology in a lawsuit that was filed last week.

Swisscom offers free TV for any of its DSL customers

Swisscom on Monday launched a new promotional deal in which any of its existing DSL customers will get a free introductory TV service package.

Telefonica Germany to offer 50 Mbps DSL tier

Telefonica Germany is the latest service provider to jump aboard the higher speed DSL service train, announcing on Tuesday that it will deliver an up to 50 Mbps speed option for its O2 broadband customers.

AT&T to expand U-verse to 33M homes, increase broadband speeds to 75 Mbps

AT&T said it plans to expand its U-verse TV, Internet and VoIP phone service to 33 million homes and increase the speeds of its Internet product to up to 75 Mbps.

ASSIA unveils 100 Mbps vectoring management product

Dynamic spectrum management (DSM) software tools provider Assia has introduced a DSL network management system that it said can manage simultaneously vectored and non-vectored lines "to deliver the fastest possible speeds and to achieve the highest return on investment in meeting consumer demand for high-bandwidth services."

Genesis Technical says it can deliver 400 Mbps over existing copper

Genesis Technical Systems said that its new technology, DSL Rings, can deliver 400 Mbps speeds over existing copper infrastructure "at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-premise."