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Latest Headlines

Ericsson applies 5G to robotic surgeon's finger

Ericsson set out to prove that 5G could replace five fingers on a surgeon's hand, with a tactile robotic surgery demonstration at the 5G World 2016 event in London.

Wi-Fi Alliance: August target for coexistence test plan with LTE-U could slip into September

Wireless operators and vendors looking to deploy LTE-U have expressed frustration in the past about the time it's taking to create a test plan for coexisting with Wi-Fi, and now it looks as though it might get pushed back a little more.

Ericsson plans 'world first' cellular IoT demonstration with Intel, China Mobile

Ericsson moved quickly to utilise new 3GPP standards for cellular low power, wide area (LPWA) Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, announcing it will conduct the world's first demonstration in conjunction with Intel and China Mobile.

Ericsson confirms SEC corruption investigation

Ericsson said it is cooperating with U.S. authorities in an investigation into alleged corruption dating back more than three years. The telecom gear vendor said last week that it received a request from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2013 seeking information on its anticorruption policies and procedures. Ericsson said the questions were related to the 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which addresses accounting transparency requirements as well as the bribery of foreign officials.

Ericsson says hometown of Stockholm tops Networked Society City Index 2016

Conspiracy theorists may wonder how Stockholm, where Ericsson's headquarters are located, just happened to land at the top of Ericsson's Networked Society City Index 2016 – the second year in a row it's achieved such distinction.

Swisscom, Ericsson collaborate on Swiss 5G project

Ericsson wrapped up a busy week of 5G developments by announcing a new programme with Swisscom and unveiling what it described as "5G plug-ins" to help bridge the gap with current mobile networks.

Ericsson confirms corruption probes by U.S. authorities

Ericsson confirmed reports that it is the subject of anti-corruption investigations by U.S. authorities, but declined to provide in-depth details of the probes.

Ericsson launches 5G Plug-Ins that address drone, smart car use cases

Ericsson announced the launch of its 5G Plug-Ins, which it describes as software-driven innovations that bring essential 5G technology concepts to today's cellular networks.

Sprint, Ericsson deliver 4 Gbps download speeds in 5G demo in Philly

Sprint used the 15 GHz centimeter wavelength spectrum and gear from Ericsson this week to deliver download speeds up to 4 Gbps during a 5G demonstration in the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia during the Copa América Centenario soccer tournament.

Ericsson unveils '5G for Germany' initiatives to address industrial use cases

Ericsson unveiled three initiatives under its "5G for Germany" programme, which places a strong focus on the industrial use cases for 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) and forms part of the company's "5G for Europe" programme announced in 2015.