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Latest Headlines

ViaSat says it will continue working with FCC, mobile stakeholders on 28 GHz

ViaSat, which had argued for greater satellite protections prior to the FCC's unanimous passage of the historic Spectrum Frontiers order last week, said it believes the order provides an approach that gives satellite operators the ability to operate and expand alongside terrestrial wireless networks.

Broadcom: LTE-U program proceeding faster than typical Wi-Fi Alliance plan

While the Wi-Fi Alliance has taken plenty of heat for not moving fast enough on the LTE-U/Wi-Fi Coexistence Test Plan, Broadcom is reminding FCC staff that indeed, the program is proceeding at a faster pace than the typical Wi-Fi Alliance program.

Rama, Sinclair not on final list of bidders for 600 MHz spectrum auction

The spectrum auction that some have hoped might change the landscape of the U.S. wireless industry may not be all that disruptive after all.

Sprint to triumph in FCC's 'fundamentally wrong' special access BDS proceeding, think tank says

A free-market think tank argues that Sprint and other smaller players will gain an unfair advantage if the FCC enacts its proposed rules on the special access market.

CWA complains TDM-to-IP streamlining rules don't ensure broadband internet access

The Communications Workers of America union, which represents wireline employees for telcos including AT&T and Verizon, gave mixed reviews to the FCC's newly adopted Tech Transitions Order, which includes action to streamline telecom providers' requests to discontinue legacy voice services.

ACA 'shocked and appalled' at FCC decision not to reform retrans regs

The American Cable Association lashed out at FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's announcement Thursday that his agency will not change rules governing broadcast retransmission licensing negotiations.

Verizon, AT&T, Intel, Nokia and more back White House initiative for 5G

The Obama administration said the U.S. will spend $400 million over the next seven years to research and develop next-generation wireless technologies.

FCC OKs sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to open up nearly 11 GHz of spectrum

In one fell swoop, the FCC today put the U.S. in a 5G leadership position, voting 5-0 to approve its Spectrum Frontiers proceeding to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G.

FCC votes to streamline process for operators to transition from TDM to IP services

During its monthly open meeting, the five-member FCC commission today unanimously voted to approve rules the agency said would allow operators to more quickly and easily transition from legacy network technology known as time-division multiplexing or TDM to IP-based services.

Wheeler: FCC won't add to retrans regulation

In a latest decision that will somehow make him even less popular with the cable industry, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said that his agency will not add to regulations governing negotiations of broadcast retransmission licensing.