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Latest Headlines

NCTA's Powell: 'Relentless government assault' has been launched against the cable industry

BOSTON-- The FCC has launched a 'relentless government assault" of regulation against the cable industry that has overturned decades of media case law, said Michael Powell, president and CEO of the National Cable Telecommunications Association.

FCC circulates order on Globalstar's TLPS proposal

The FCC informed Globalstar that an order in its proceeding to use terrestrial low power services (TLPS)  has been circulated  and is now pending action by the full commission.

John Malone's Liberty Global drops out of FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction

The FCC published its final list of participants for the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction of TV broadcasters' unwanted airwaves, showing 99 completed applications. Notably absent from the list is Liberty Spectrum, a subsidiary of Liberty Global.

Charter fined $640K for blocking third-party modems

Charter Communications will pay $640,000 and has agreed to a three-year compliance plan for preventing customers from using their modems for a period of several years.

New York may have to fork over $170M in CAF-II funds to other states

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer said that New York state may need to give back over $170 million in CAF-II funding to the FCC, which would allocate the returned funds to other states.

Malone quietly escapes conditions amid FCC's Charter-TWC approval order

While the FCC outlined a range of conditions to make more palatable what it described as a cable merger that was "harmful to the public interest," one influential figure seems to have escaped scrutiny in the agency's scathing approval of "New Charter."

Comcast tells FCC it's not "feasible" to run its network code on third-party set-tops

Comcast this week met with the FCC to spell out its various objections to the agency's proposed new set-top rules. The MSO told FCC officials that it's not "feasible" for Comcast's network code to run on third-party devices without its applications.

'New Charter' to offer 300,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots, and maybe an MVNO service

The FCC approved Charter Communications' blockbuster acquisition of fellow cable operators Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks this week, and in its lengthy filing approving the deal the agency acknowledged that the companies may well pursue some kind of wireless strategy, including possibly launching an MVNO service. The FCC also offered a glimpse into the plans by Charter, TWC and Bright House to expand their public Wi-Fi networks, and how that effort could create challenges for the nation's wireless network operators.

FCC approval order: New Charter is 'harmful' without conditions

The FCC concludes that Charter Communications' mergers with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are "harmful to the public interest" without imposed conditions.

FCC partners with FTC on inquiry regarding mobile security updates

The FCC and the Federal Trade Commission are joining forces to look into how carriers, phone vendors and others review and release security updates for mobile devices.