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Latest Headlines

Thomas Wheeler named to Obama transition team

Thomas Wheeler, the former head of CTIA and still a player in the wireless industry, was named to the Obama-Biden transition team to head up efforts in the science, technology, space and arts

What will a new FCC look like?

Chalk one up for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. He managed to cross some high-profile initiatives off his to-do list before his tenure as chairman is likely up once President-elect Barack Obama takes

Verizon gets hands on 700 MHz licenses without spectrum divestiture

The FCC gave its final blessing to the $4.7 billion worth of licenses Verizon Wireless won at the 700 MHz auction, and it refused Google's request that the FCC impose stricter conditions when it

CTIA drops legal challenge over 700 MHz open-access rules

CTIA has dropped its legal challenge to the FCC's open-access provision of the C-Block of the 700 MHZ spectrum, ending a legal challenge that had stretched back into 2007. CTIA first filed suit over

Obama to "put his own stamp" on FCC

President-elect Barack Obama will move to make changes at the FCC as he prepares to take power, the co-chairman of his transition team said yesterday. John Podesta, a former Clinton administration

Handicapping the FCC Chairman (or Chairwoman) race

Business Week recently provided some insight and speculation into the present consideration of the chairs for the Federal Communications Commission in the Obama administration. Could the FCC's next

Clearwire shareholders to vote on merger Nov. 20

During Clearwire's third quarter earnings call with analysts this morning, CEO Ben Wolff said that shareholders will vote Nov. 20 on the whether or not to approve the firm's merger with Sprint's

White space: Dell to make laptops; Google downright giddy

Dell Computer said it would introduce new laptops with integrated white-space cards capable of transmitting signals in the unlicensed white-space spectrum the FCC opened up for broadband devices last

Sound Off- Industry players debate white space decision

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the FCC approved the use of TV white space spectrum for unlicensed wireless devices. Here are some of the reactions to the Federal Communications Commission decision: "The

White spaces decision will haunt the FCC

The FCC commissioners gave Google, Microsoft and others a "big" win Tuesday when it authorized unlicensed use of TV white space in the United States. I want to go on record here to say that this