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Latest Headlines

DPI, NebuAd moving into the public spotlight

DPI and targeted advertising have been big stories for telcos, cable companies and ISPs this summer from Congressional inquiries on NebuAd, to FCC panels, to plenty of stories in the trade media.

FCC issues Comcast throttling order

The Federal Communications Commission finally issued a formal order condemning Internet traffic throttling practices Comcast undertook that delayed peer-to-peer traffic on its network. The 67-page

Could white space become the next BPL debacle?

The white-space industry could either become the next WiFi market success or the next broadband over power line (BPL) debacle. And how the FCC handles its testing of white-space devices could make

Verizon CTO: Net neutrality clouds engineering needs

Verizon Communications CTO Richard Lynch, speaking at the Progress and Freedom Foundation's Aspen Summit, told attendees that the over-politicized concept of Net neutrality and paranoic

Google steps up white-space lobbying efforts with new web site

Google is stepping up its lobbying efforts in the white-space controversy. The search giant has launched a web site called, www.freetheairwaves.com, on

Google launches white spaces campaign

Google is hoping public pressure will help it in its campaign to get the FCC to make white space spectrum available for unlicensed wireless Internet devices. The company today launched a campaign

Are Kevin Martin's wireless broadband dreams in peril?

In the coming months, the FCC has some decisions to make that will impact the future of wireless broadband--a subject that is near and dear to Chairman Kevin Martin's heart as he'd like to see

M2Z asks FCC to reject more AWS-3 interference tests

M2Z Networks said it has submitted evidence to the FCC to confirm that no further interference testing is needed to auction off the AWS-3 spectrum, which will be designed for an operator willing to

New York Times: T-Mobile will be first with Android phone

The New York Times is reporting that T-Mobile USA will be the first operator to offer a mobile phone based on Google's Android platform. The newspaper, citing sources briefed on the company's plans,

Pressure mounting in white space debate

Lobbyists are getting Capitol Hill involved in the white space debate. Earlier this week eight members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin asking the FCC to