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From CTIA: Day one keynotes in pictures

SAN DIEGO--The CTIA IT & Entertainment show here got started with a bang, with executives from AT&T and Yahoo--along with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski--taking turns in the spotlight. CTIA

CTIA keynote: Genachowski promises to address spectrum shortage, tower siting

SAN DIEGO--FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski laid out a plan to address two of the wireless industry's major policy complaints during a kickoff keynote appearance here at the opening of the CTIA IT

Republicans rail against FCC's net neutrality proposals

Incumbent wireless and wireline service providers aren't the only ones opposed to the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules. Now, twenty Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter

US telcos need to build their arguments for managed net

Last week, new Fed

AT&T flip-flops, allows VoIP apps on iPhone

AT&T Mobility has changed its stance, and is now going to allow VoIP applications for Apple's iPhone to run over its 3G network. The carrier said that it had informed both Apple and the FCC of

GOP House members urge FCC to conduct analysis on net neutrality

A group of House Republicans has asked FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to conduct a rigorous market analysis before imposing net neutrality regulations on the telecommunications industry. In a letter

FCC competition probe: Carriers say industry competitive, consumer advocates say no

More than 15 organizations so far have filed comments regarding the FCC's call for comments about U.S. wireless industry competition and innovation. As expected, major wireless operators said the

Former FCC Chairman Martin supports net neutrality, but hesitates on wireless

Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin threw his support behind the effort to turn net neutrality principles into hard-and-fast regulations. However, he was skeptical of having the new rules being pushed

FCC task force puts national broadband deployments as high as $350B

A new report prepared by an FCC task force pegs the total cost of universal broadband deployments in the U.S. between $20 billion and $350 billion if services provided 100 Mbps or faster. However,

FCC debates broadband cost as CTIA asks for more spectrum

An FCC task force told the the commission that expanding broadband access throughout the United States will require investments of between $20 billion and $350 billion for wireless and wireline