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Latest Headlines

Bad news for service providers: FCC now favors net neutrality

In what's being touted as a win for Internet companies like Amazon and Google and a setback--until the court cases begin, of course--for cable players like Comcast and Time Warner, the FCC plans to

FCC lays groundwork for net neutrality regulations

In a blow to US operators, telecom regulator the FCC has decided to introduce tight new controls on the sector in a move which lays the groundwork for net neutrality laws.  

FCC reportedly looking outside to manage Comcast review

The Federal Communications Commission could be hiring outside help to work through the intricacies of its review of Comcast's NBC Universal bid. It's unusual but not necessarily unexpected that the

Report: FCC chief wants broadband to stay deregulated

Although he has yet to announce his official position on net neutrality, sources say Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski is likely to leave unchanged the agency's current minimally

Report: Genachowski likely to keep current broadband regulatory framework

Although no official decision on the topic has been made, the Washington Post reported that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski likely won't reclassify broadband from an information service to a Title II

Report: FCC boss leaning towards hands-off policy for broadband Internet

The Washington Post reports that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to keep broadband services deregulated. This would be a clear win--and huge relief--for broadband telecommunications providers

Congressmen question need for new set-top rules

Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns wants to know why the FCC needs to get involved with mandating new set-top boxes that combine TV and the Internet since "the market already seems to be delivering

Comcast's Roberts optimistic about NBC Universal

Despite overwhelming and apparently mostly negative comments to the FCC about Comcast's proposed acquisition of NBC Universal from General Electric, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts thinks the deal's a 'go'

FTC, not FCC, could rule the Internet if legislation passes

While everyone was watching the FCC and how it might interfere with the operations of a free Internet--to use the rhetoric of net neutrality--another angency--the FTC--could end up having a bigger

FCC, industry debate merits of net neutrality rules

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski reiterated his commitment to an open Internet but continues to face wireless industry challenges over his proposed net neutrality regulations. In a video message