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Latest Headlines

Powerline standard approved; 500 Mbps data rates open new vistas

Perhaps lost amid last week's New Orleans cable blowout was an announcement by IEEE that it had ratified the 1901 Broadband over Powerline standard, clearing the way for data rates of up to 500 Mbps

Former defense official joins Amerilink in Huawei lobbying bid

Amerilink Telecom added another former U.S. government official to its board of directors to bolster its credentials as part of an effort by the consultancy to help Huawei crack the U.S. market amid

FCC report: New wireless spectrum may be worth $120B

The FCC released a white paper Thursday that said the value of the spectrum it plans to unleash between now and 2014 could be worth up to $120 billion. Freeing more spectrum for wireless broadband

Obama administration not picking sides in D-Block debate

The white House has decided it does not want to get in the middle of a debate over what to do with the 700 MHz D Block spectrum. Phil Weiser, a senior White House technology aide, said at a forum

Copps: FCC 'should take a very serious look' at Cablevision-Fox negotiations

The ongoing (this is the fifth day of the blackout) retransmission dispute between Cablevision Systems (NYSE: CVC) and News Corp.'s (Nasdaq: NWSA) Fox Networks is drawing undue attention from federal

Standing on common ground: Congress should pick up where Waxman left off

Demonstrated by two different government bodies in just the past few weeks, common ground can be found even in murky territory. On September 23, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unlocked

Lawmakers ask FCC to probe security risks from Huawei, ZTE

A group of U.S. lawmakers asked the FCC to answer questions about the potential security risks posed to the country's telecommunications infrastructure by Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE. The

The power of sports: Kerry advances anti-blackout bill

Once again it appears that television--at least in the minds of the nation's legislators--is seen as a necessity. And, it might be noted, necessities like electricity and voice services are

Fox blacks out Web content amid Cablevision retransmission dispute

Hardly lost amid the fury and fun of the Cablevision-Fox Networks dispute is Fox's short but deadly action to remove its Web content from reach when it briefly blacked out its Fox.com and Hulu

Exclusive content mars pay-TV market's health

Exclusive content carriage has been a formidable pay-TV strategy but ultimately works against providers and consumers