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Latest Headlines

GOP FCC commissioners support handset exclusivity deals

The two Republican members of the FCC backed the idea of handset exclusivity arrangements at a House hearing, but the three Democrats on the panel remained mum on the hot-button issue. Meanwhile,

What will become of the D Block? page 2

Previous page "One component there is our sense is that it wouldn't provide the overall and ongoing funding that would be needed to really engage a network like this," said George Rice Jr., APCO's

D-Block timeline

The following is a selected list of important dates in the fate of the D Block. June 2007: The Public Safety Spectrum Trust, a nonprofit organization made up of public-safety organizations, is

Congress unlikely to address major tech issues in '09

Anyone hoping to get their technology-related issues heard by the U.S. Congress might have to wait until next year. Industry insiders say technology issues such as net neutrality, cybersecurity

Paul Allen selling 700 MHz spectrum to AT&T

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is looking to sell 24 licenses in the 700 MHz band in Oregon and Washington to AT&T Mobility, according to documents filed with the FCC. Allen holds the licenses

Cablevision to launch interactive advertising

Soon Cablevision customers will be able to interact with the advertisements streamed into their TV sets. With the launch of its Optimum Select service, subscribers will be able to use the "Select"

Time Warner Cable: No, we're not merging with Comcast

After a U.S. Appeals Court overturned the FCC's 30 percent ownership ruling, it was only a matter of time before a rumor surfaced that America's two largest cable MSOs (Comcast and Time Warner Cable)

Defining broadband

By Bruce Mehlman The Federal Communications Commission is fully immersed in hearings, workshops, panel discussions and requests for comment as it works toward writing a National Broadband Plan by

Loosening bans, tightening control

After an appeals court recently struck down the long-standing ban on cable TV firms being able to serve more than 30 percent of U.S. pay TV customers, I figured it would take just a few weeks for the

Analyst weighs benefits of a Comcast-Time Warner union

It's been barely two weeks since the cable industry convinced the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn the FCC's 30 percent cable ownership cap ruling, and already rumors of cable mega-mergers are