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Latest Headlines

Suddenlink offers 107 Mbps downloads to Texans

Suddenlink residential subscribers in the suburban Austin, Texas communities of Georgetown, Pluferville and Leander are getting access to broadband speeds of 107 Mbps downstream, which is 7 Mbps

Republican Congressmen express dismay over FCC's broadband plan

It has been barely two weeks since the FCC unveiled its national broadband plan to Congress and did not take long for the political gloves to come off. One idea that did not sit well with some

Residential gateways set to anchor home services

It was once thought that the sun revolved around Earth. It was also once thought that the television revolved around the home entertainment center. The first thought was proven to be wrong centuries

Broadcasters, consumers not pleased with FCC spectrum grab

Despite what FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski might think, broadcasters are not likely to voluntarily relinquish 120 MHz of spectrum to wireless carriers as the National Broadband Plan has proposed.

600 communities vie for Google's Gbps Fiber-to-the-home program

Google's 1 Gbps network fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) experiment has attracted more than 600 communities that want to enhance their respective networks with fiber-based broadband access services. To win

Are Harbinger Capital's LTE plans too good to be true?

Updated 3/29/2010, 3 p.m. ET to reflect comments from Verizon Wireless Stunning news came out over the weekend that New York private equity firm Harbinger Capital Partners plans to deploy a

PE firm to use MSS, terrestrial spectrum to build out nationwide LTE network

New York private-equity firm Harbinger Capital Partners Funds plans to deploy a nationwide Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network using satellite spectrum after getting the nod from the FCC to merge with

Comptel 2010: CLEC consolidation isn't easy

As Comcast put the final touch on its acquisition of Chicagoland-based CLEC Cimco with the FCC giving its approval of the deal last week, it signified the entrance of another major non-traditional

Iowa Telecommunications Services' board approves merger with Windstream

Windstream has reached another milestone in its M&A growth strategy today as Iowa Telecommunications Services' shareholders gave their approval for their merger with the independent ILEC. When

Genachowski: broadcasters will voluntarily relinquish spectrum

FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski believes that broadcasters will voluntarily relinquish spectrum for the national broadband plan and that this will be a win-win-win for wireless companies,