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Latest Headlines

Obama proposes spending $18B to expand wireless broadband

President Obama laid out an ambitious agenda to expand mobile broadband access in the United States and committed to spending $18 billion in federal funds to do so. The president's proposals largely

Obama to reveal wireless broadband plans during Michigan speech

President Obama will use a speech at Northern Michigan University to explain his administration's plans for delivering wireless broadband access to 98 percent of the American populace. The

FCC forms task force to speed up broadband deployment

Swift broadband deployment was the topic at the FCC this week as the commission hosted an FCC forum that saw Chairman Julius Genachowski announce the formation of an internal FCC task force dedicated

More tech requirements will stifle cable, NCTA tells FCC

Sony, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and the Consumer Electronics Association--among others--are taking an approach that is "rooted in a world long past" when they ask the FCC to adopt "technical standards

FCC to lay out USF reform plans

The FCC is meeting today to discuss how it can realign the current $8 billion Universal Service Fund (USF) to fund current and future broadband network rollouts. During today's meeting, the FCC will

FCC's USF reform likely to hit rural wireless carriers

The FCC is poised to vote on potentially far-reaching reforms to the $8 billion Universal Service Fund program as part of an effort to transform a fund that was intended to help pay for the

FCC to vote on retransmission consent reforms in March

It won't be the end of retransmission disputes. It might not even be the beginning of the end of the troublesome fights between programmers and service providers. But at least when it meets in March

NCTA backs FCC's USF reform movement

The NCTA thinks that the FCC should proceed full speed ahead to reform the Universal Service Fund because "for too long consumers have borne the increasing burdens of a system that is riddled with

FCC's Baker decries spectrum reform's 'inaccurate and unhelpful narratives'

There is a need to find 500 MHz of spectrum for a national broadband plan, but citing a "spectrum crisis" as the way to emphasize that need isn't helping anyone, FCC Commissioner Meredith Baker said.

AT&T says broadcasters are the ones hoarding spectrum

Broadcasters' call for a government inventory of spectrum is "late" and the spectrum they've been given for free "when used at all, serves only a sliver of the population with services that, at best,