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Video: Genachowski outlines net neutrality strategy

Source: Federal Communications Commission

Hulu CEO talks with FCC about impact of Comcast-NBCU deal

FCC officials and staff met for hours in multiple meetings with Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Wednesday, as the regulator continued to look into how Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal would affect online

Study: Teleworking contributes to employee happiness

On the heels of the passing of the federal telework bill, a new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee reveals that the stress levels of those workers who worked from home even just

THE WRAP: A global regulation frenzy; ex-DT staffer jailed for spying

This week the EC launched a probe into Google’s dominance of search, and Deutsche Tel took to the skies   The European Commission launched an investigation into G

Genachowski's net neutrality proposal draws mixed reaction

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposed net neutrality rules ignited a firestorm of criticism from proponents of net neutrality as well as from Republicans in Congress and Genachowski's fellow

Legal issues, timing cloud FCC's net neutrality proposal

Net neutrality, thought by some to be fatally wounded by midterm elections, is alive, well and on the FCC docket Dec. 21 when Chairman Julius Genachowski will again roll out a version of light Title

FCC chairman proposes few net neutrality restrictions on wireless broadband networks

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's new net neutrality proposal for wireless and wired networks calls for light regulations on wireless carriers. The chairman outlined the plan in a speech he gave in

FCC clears tiered broadband pricing

US broadband providers will be able to offer usage-based and tiered pricing under proposed new rules from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).   In the commi

Busy FCC looks at broadband regulation, spectrum grab

Despite the belief that the midterm election voters served as dentists defanging the FCC, the agency believes it still has enough chomp to bite into two beefy issues: broadband regulation and

Genachowski sets Dec. 21 for net neutrality rules vote

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says he'll take proposed net neutrality rules that "would ensure that the Internet remains a powerful platform for innovation and job creation" to a vote Dec. 21,