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Latest Headlines

Net neutrality roaring in under new FCC chairman

We knew it was coming. And now it is coming in like a lion. I'm talking about the move toward net neutrality. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski was finally sworn in, and he is jumping to action. Last

AT&T pays Sprint $59M in spectrum swap

AT&T Mobility will pay Sprint Nextel $59 million for spectrum in parts of Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida and elsewhere. The spectrum exchange between the two Tier 1 carriers was recently approved by

FCC kicks off national broadband plan workshops

Starting this week the FCC is asking the public to provide their perspectives in a series of broadband plan workshops, as the agency develops a national broadband plan it will submit to Congress in

Net neutrality debate spilling into Apple's App Store

Apple unleashed its unpredictable and capricious iPhone app policy on the wrong player this time: Google. A firestorm erupted last week when Apple removed a pair of previously approved third-party

FCC probes Apple rejection of Google Voice

The US FCC is investigating Apple’s rejection of Google Voice from its App Store.   The regulator sent letters to Apple, Google and AT&T last Friday to ask them about their role in Apple’s decision to turn away the Google app last week.

FCC's Genachowski lays out concerns over exclusive handset deals

As the FCC begins researching the competitive ramifications of carriers' exclusive handset offerings, it will pay specific attention to markets in which customers cannot get access to top smartphones

DoJ looking at cable programming practices

The New York Times reported that as part of the Obama administration's new anti-trust focus, the U.S Department of Justice is investigating some telcos' complaints about the progamming availability

Senate confirms Baker, Clyburn for FCC posts

The Senate confirmed Meredith Attwell Baker and Mignon Clyburn for the last two FCC seats on the five-member commission, putting the FCC at full strength for the first time in months. The vote came

Levin not impressed with broadband plan suggestions

It appears that Blair Levin, who returned to the FCC earlier this year to oversee the agency's broadband plan efforts, is feeling a bit underwhelmed by the feedback he has gotten from the agency, the

Genachowski pushing for broadband access, pragmatism

The new chairman of the FCC has his sights set on achieving a mammoth goal: expanding broadband access to all Americans. How Julius Genachowksi will go about doing that remains an open question, and