Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Verizon, AT&T, Intel, Nokia and more back White House initiative for 5G

The Obama administration said the U.S. will spend $400 million over the next seven years to research and develop next-generation wireless technologies.

FCC OKs sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to open up nearly 11 GHz of spectrum

In one fell swoop, the FCC today put the U.S. in a 5G leadership position, voting 5-0 to approve its Spectrum Frontiers proceeding to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G.

FCC votes to streamline process for operators to transition from TDM to IP services

During its monthly open meeting, the five-member FCC commission today unanimously voted to approve rules the agency said would allow operators to more quickly and easily transition from legacy network technology known as time-division multiplexing or TDM to IP-based services.

Wheeler: FCC won't add to retrans regulation

In a latest decision that will somehow make him even less popular with the cable industry, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said that his agency will not add to regulations governing negotiations of broadcast retransmission licensing.

T-Mobile hammers Verizon's new plans, proclaims U.S. wireless market competitive

T-Mobile killed two birds with one stone this week in an FCC filing that hammered Verizon's new price plans as it said competition in the U.S. wireless market is thriving.

Rosenworcel sides with Pai and O'Rielly, agrees Wheeler set-top proposal is 'flawed'

Subjected to more than three hours of grilling, along with her FCC Commission colleagues, by a House subcommittee Tuesday, Jessica Rosenworcel strongly hinted that she has turned against FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler's pay-TV set-top box regulatory proposal.

Verizon challenging 'burdensome and unusual' Oregon county cell siting rules

Verizon could soon challenge cell siting rules in Lane County, Oregon, which the carrier's legal representation called "burdensome and unusual."

ESPN, Fox, ABC reluctance to pivot toward linear streaming models could doom them

Despite CBS' all-in strategy to provide linear and on-demand streaming with its All Access paid subscription service, other major broadcasters have yet to fully commit to linear OTT services-- or even just more robust TV Everywhere content offerings. What's the holdup?

New Street: Spectrum Frontiers airwaves unlikely to devalue mid-band spectrum

The FCC will likely free up nearly 11 GHZ in new spectrum, as the chairman has proposed, when it votes on the Spectrum Frontiers initiative tomorrow, New Street Research predicts. But the analysts say the increase in supply probably won't slow demand for existing airwaves.

Wheeler may consider pay-TV's 'Ditch the Box' proposal over original unlocking plan

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler may be warming to the idea, put forth by pay-TV industry players, of getting rid of set-top box requirements entirely and instead making it possible to utilize consumer-friendly streaming devices instead, in a strategy the industry has dubbed "Ditch the Box."