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Latest Headlines

Verizon's Silliman on creating regulatory balance for special access, privacy, net neutrality

Whether it is special access, net neutrality, the recent labor strike, or shedding wireline assets to Frontier, Craig Silliman, EVP of Public Policy and General Counsel of Verizon, has a full plate. Sean Buckley, senior editor of FierceTelecom, caught up with Silliman during the TIA 2016 trade show in Dallas to talk about the pressing policy issues Verizon is dealing with today.

Cable industry mobilizes biggest lobbying push since 2009

Rocked by a string of potentially devastating FCC regulatory proposals, including the "Unlock the Box" set-top NPRM, the cable industry is making what the New York Times reports to be the biggest lobbying push since 2009, when the agency drew up its first net neutrality rules.

Frontier says consumers don't want broadband power backup service

Frontier Communications isn't seeing its customer base ask for backup power for their wireline broadband connections to access their OTT VoIP provider to make emergency calls.

WISPA suggests the FCC give experimental license to Globalstar

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) says it has tried to keep an open mind about Globalstar's proposal to use its satellite spectrum for terrestrial low power service (TLPS), but the draft order that's in circulation doesn't appear to adequately address WISPA's primary concerns.

NTCA says new Charter's 2M broadband subscriber requirement could hurt rural telcos

NTCA says that the FCC's requirement to Charter Communications to expand its broadband footprint could actually harm the rural telcos the organization represents by creating artificial competition in areas that cannot support it.

Verizon seeks clearance to discontinue collect calling, other legacy voice services

Verizon is petitioning the FCC to get permission to shut down a series of legacy voice services offered via its MCI subsidiary due to lack of use and little customer demand.

ACA to FCC: If you don't want bigger Charter, why force it to overbuild?

The ACA and NTCA have filed petitions for reconsideration to the FCC, second-guessing the agency's decision to require Charter Communications to overbuild its broadband footprint in rural markets as a condition of the Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network takeovers.

Comcast, Cablevision and AT&T violating privacy through addressable advertising, groups say

A group of consumer watchdogs has filed a complaint with the FCC, alleging that Comcast, AT&T and Cablevision are violating customer privacy through addressable advertising schemes on pay-TV set-tops.

Globalstar plan sparks flurry of meetings, calls to FCC

It's unclear when the FCC will make a decision on a proposal that would allow Globalstar to move forward with its plan to offer terrestrial low power service (TLPS), but a lot of folks this week are trying to influence the final vote.

Verizon's Silliman: Special access regulation should encourage competition for buyers, sellers

DALLAS-- Verizon took a different path from its ILEC brethren in the special access market segment when it developed a proposal with Incompas have to regulate special access services.