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Latest Headlines

Evercore: Carriers' tower spending 'could remain muted' though incentive auction

U.S. tower companies could be in for a slow summer if carriers cut back their spending during the upcoming incentive auction, according to analysts at Evercore ISI.

FCC extends 'First Wave' deadline in 3.5 GHz proceeding to May 15

The FCC has extended the deadline for "First Wave" proposals from prospective Spectrum Access System (SAS) administrators and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) operators. Interested parties now have until May 15, 2016, to submit their proposals.

AT&T/EchoStar proposal for 28 GHz sharing gets heat from other satellite players

Reacting to a proposal for sharing in the 28 GHz and 37/39 GHz bands as outlined by AT&T and EchoStar, Boeing says its proposal represents only a single viewpoint and should not be taken to represent a consensus within the satellite industry.

White House backs FCC set-top proposal as 'mascot' for larger pro-competition agenda

The White House says the pay-TV set-top is the 'mascot' for a new executive order, signed by President Obama, meant to spur competition and innovation across numerous sectors of the U.S. economy.

CenturyLink says FCC should deny Windstream's UNE loop request

CenturyLink is taking another shot in the special access war, saying that Windstream's request for the FCC to mandate that ILECs continue to unbundle next-gen DS1/DS3 loops should be denied.

AT&T seeks permission to shut down 13 legacy bridging and multiplexing services

AT&T (NYSE: T) has asked the FCC for permission to shut down 13 bridging and multiplexing services offered by its affiliates in its wireline territory, signaling yet another move to retire legacy...

Public Knowledge takes down Powell set-top demo, says it 'allows only cable-approved apps'

Non-profit public interest group Public Knowledge has sharply condemned a D.C. demonstration conducted Wednesday by NCTA chief Michael Powell and other opponents of the FCC's proposal to rewrite pay-TV set-top box legislation.

Google Fiber unveils 25 Mbps broadband plan for low-income families

Google Fiber will begin offering a symmetrical 25 Mbps broadband service option to low income neighborhood residents in Kansas City, Mo., one of its first FTTH markets.

CTIA fights controversial budget cap for Lifeline program

CTIA is fighting a Republican effort to impose a hard budget cap on Lifeline, a federal subsidy program for fixed-line and mobile phones that was recently expanded to cover broadband service.

NCTA chief Powell set to demo current device navigation alternatives

With Google having made the Beltway rounds several months ago, showing off a device that supposedly encompasses FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's plan for unlocking the leased pay-TV set-top, opponents of the proposal have prepped their own presentation.