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Latest Headlines

Twenty six Colorado cities, 17 counties lift 10-year ban on municipal broadband investment

The municipal broadband movement got a boost in Colorado as residents in five cities and two counties voted to overturn a law that limited local communities from building a broadband business even in areas where incumbent telcos and cable operators have refused to upgrade facilities.

AT&T and Verizon could use the 600 MHz spectrum reserve to pressure T-Mobile- and lots of other smaller carriers

With Sprint choosing to sit out the 600 MHz incentive auction, it has been widely assumed that T-Mobile and other competitive carriers will be able to bid for the "set aside" airwaves-- up to 30 MHz in a given market-- without having to worry about AT&T and Verizon Wireless. However, that likely won't be the case, and in many rural markets AT&T and Verizon will be able to fully bid on reserve spectrum and put pressure on smaller carriers during the auction, and potentially after it as well.

T-Mobile criticizes Dish over AWS-3 license defaults, says Dish should be barred from bidding again on those licenses

T-Mobile US told the FCC that the agency prohibit Dish Network and its designated entity partners from bidding in the future on AWS-3 licenses on which the Dish DEs "selectively" defaulted. T-Mobile also wants the FCC to consider Dish and the Dish DEs "former defaulters," requiring them to provide 50 percent greater upfront payment if they want to participate in the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction. 

NCTA: 9 largest MSOs have issued only 618,000 CableCards for retail devices

The nation's nine biggest cable operators have deployed only around 618,000 CableCards for use in retail devices, according to the National Cable Telecommunications Association.

Verizon says Windstream, Incompas want to shift special construction costs to incumbent carriers

Verizon is speaking out against claims made by Windstream and competitive industry forum Incompas that the special construction practices and charges to deliver DS1 services to its retail and wholesale customers aren't consistent across its customer segments.

FCC's Wheeler backs off exclusivity rule changes to retransmission deals, report says

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is reportedly backing away from changing rules that regulate retransmission negotiations between broadcasters and MVPDs.

Verizon: FCC should avoid creating roadblocks for telcos discontinuing legacy services

As it transitions more of its network from copper to fiber and IP, Verizon says that the FCC should create what it calls a "safe harbor" for discontinuation of legacy TDM-based services.

Level 3's Storey: Lock-up agreements are stalling company's growth

The way incumbent providers structure their wholesale agreements is impeding future growth for Level 3 Communications, according to a top executive.

Budget deal would direct FCC, NTIA to find federal spectrum to auction

Buried within the mammoth budget deal that the White House and the Republican-led House have agreed to are provisions that would require the FCC and Department of Commerce to identify 30 MHz of government-held spectrum to be auctioned for commercial wireless use.  

Pai says no need for new MVPD rules because there's 'no problem to be solved'

The OTT video market is booming because of, not in spite of, regulations that keep over-the-top providers from being considered as multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). That's the position of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who reiterated his stance in a speech to an audience in Hong Kong.