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Latest Headlines

Verizon protests 64 Kbps voice unbundling requirement, says it may delay copper-fiber transition

Verizon said that the 64 Kbps requirement has "outlived any usefulness" as more of its customers have dropped their landline phone service in favor of either VoIP or wireless as their main calling device.

T-Mobile's Legere expects 'dark horse' companies like Google and Comcast to bid in 600 MHz auction

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said he expects "dark horse" companies like Google, Comcast and Charter Communications to bid in next year's incentive auction of 600 MH broadcast TV spectrum. Legere said the next six to 12 months are going to be a "fascinating time period" in the industry as the future of the wireless market takes shape as more content goes online and more Internet traffic goes mobile.

Comcast continues to hint at wireless plans, says NBC will likely give up spectrum in incentive auction

Comcast executives said the company's NBCUniversal unit will "likely" give up spectrum to the FCC as part of the agency's incentive auction of TV broadcasters' 600 MHz spectrum. However, Comcast Cable chief Neil Smit said the company hasn't yet decided whether it will participate as a bidder in the auction in order to purchase spectrum.

Alaska's GCI pays FCC $620,000 fine, makes sure unlit towers get lit to improve air safety in remote areas

General Communication, Inc. (GCI) agreed to pay $620,500 for failing to register 118 cell towers as part of an FCC tracking system and for not properly lighting three towers located near airports. GCI says that since the unlit towers were discovered it has sent installers to the towers to make sure they were properly lit to improve safety and avoid any collisions with nearby aircraft.

FCC's move puts U.S. in stronger position for 5G leadership

The FCC took a huge step forward last week in getting the U.S. better positioned to compete in the race to 5G when it decided to propose new flexible service rules in the 28, 37, 39 and 64-71 GHz bands.

Frontier mulls usage-based broadband to manage network costs

Frontier may not have followed cable operators like Comcast or its fellow ILECs AT&T and CenturyLink in implementing usage-based billing on its broadband subscriber base, but it isn't ruling it out either.

Verizon accepts FCC's invitation, seeks TTY waiver for VoIP calls

Following rival AT&T, Verizon is now asking the FCC for a waiver of text telephony (TTY)-related requirements for its IP-enabled wireless services, and it wants the same conditions granted to AT&T.

Millimeter wave researchers praise FCC's move to unleash more spectrum at higher bands

While not everyone got what they wished for in the FCC's proposed new rules for new high-band spectrum above 24 GHz, folks in the millimeter  wave tech community are happy to see the U.S. move forward in laying the foundation for what they see as key for wireless technology innovations.

Level 3 says Charter's settlement-free peering policy raises a number of concerns

Level 3 said that Charter Communications' peering proposal lacks a number of key details that could affect future relationships.

FCC's Wheeler: Carriers are engaging in normal pre-auction positioning and 'shenanigans' ahead of 600 MHz auction

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler suggested that wireless carriers that are being coy about how much they will participate in next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum are simply positioning themselves and trying to throw off their competitors from discerning their true intentions.