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Latest Headlines

Municipally-owned broadband networks should be a last resort, state leadership group says

A new report from the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) has taken aim at the municipal broadband movement, suggesting that networks should be the "last resort" a municipality should consider in expanding Internet access.

CenturyLink, FairPoint, Frontier want voice service funded in areas not covered by CAF-II

The CEOs of CenturyLink, FairPoint and Frontier Communications asked the FCC to provide financial support of voice services for residential and business customers that reside outside of areas covered by the Connect America Fund Phase II program.

Windstream asks to shut down VoiceEclipse VoIP Service, says it can't bill for the service anymore

Windstream has asked the FCC for permission to shut down its VoiceEclipse VoIP Service, signaling its move to sharpen its next-gen service sets.

Comcast to FCC: Ignore Byron Allen, he's just trying to get carriage

Comcast has asked the FCC to ignore a petition filed by Byron Allen, accusing the Entertainment Studios Inc. (ESI) mogul of drumming up diversity charges against the MSO merely to secure carriage for his lightly regarded networks.

Wheeler tells legislators incentive auction could extend into 2017

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told a Senate subcommittee that the incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum may extend into 2017 if it doesn't raise enough to pay broadcasters for the airwaves. The possibility of an extended timeframe is one reason why the FCC is requesting an additional $11 million in federal funds, he said.

T-Mobile announces new content for Binge On, Music Freedom; services have transmitted 350 petabytes

T-Mobile continued to expand its zero-rated offerings, adding content sources for both its Binge On and Music Freedom offerings.

New consumer labels may combat broadband service sticker shock

The FCC in partnership with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has developed a new set of labels for wireline broadband and wireless Internet services, giving consumers the ability to make price and feature comparisons when they shop for service.

FCC moves forward with privacy rules for ISPs

A divided FCC voted Thursday to move forward with proposed rules for mobile and fixed-line Internet service providers (ISPs) to protect consumers' privacy.

AMC, Discovery could be impacted by FCC's proposed video-description expansion

The FCC on Thursday approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to potentially expand the reach and availability of video-described programming, a move that could ultimately impact popular non-broadcast networks including AMC and Discovery.

FCC passes broadband-focused Lifeline reform following failed bipartisan agreement

The FCC voted along party lines to upgrade the Lifeline program to enable low-income residents to get broadband access, but the passing of the reform was fraught with controversy over an earlier proposal that failed to take flight.