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Latest Headlines

AT&T adds request to shutter analog video service in Alabama and Florida

AT&T (NYSE: T) has filed a petition with the FCC to shut down its BellSouth analog video service in Carbon Hill, Alabama, and Kings Point, Florida, citing low demand and the growing availability...

Verizon, T-Mobile can still get time-to-market advantage with LTE-U despite delay, analysts say

Even though the timeline for deploying LTE-U equipment has been pushed back while the Wi-Fi Alliance finalizes a coexistence test plan for LTE-U and Wi-Fi, Verizon and T-Mobile US could still benefit with a time-to-market advantage over LAA, analysts said.

CenturyLink's copper replacement plan could spur protests by consumers, CLECs

CenturyLink is replacing its aging copper-based wireline facilities in seven cities, potentially setting itself up for a wave of protests from consumers and CLECs that use existing facilities-- similar to those faced by Verizon and AT&T as they transition their legacy networks.

Frontier cites declining interest in National Discount Plan, asks for more time on revisions

Frontier Communications has asked the FCC for more time to revise its National Discount Plan (NDP) so it can provide more information about how its updates would affect existing and future customers.

CBS, Viacom, 21st Century Fox, others support pay-TV's 'Ditch the Box' proposal, albeit with caveats

A handful of the world's top programmers said they support the pay-TV industry's "Ditch the Box" proposal for opening up set-top boxes – however they urged the FCC to ensure that their own apps on a set-top box be given "parity" with pay-TV providers' apps.

CCA says county-sized license areas for LMDS would hurt small and rural carriers

With the FCC set to vote on new rules for millimeter wave spectrum on July 14, the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and T-Mobile US still have a lot of concerns they want addressed.

T-Mobile: Keep satellite operations at 28 GHz on secondary basis

T-Mobile US is urging the FCC to take a different approach to several big issues announced in a recent Fact Sheet the commission released. The company said that for 28 GHz in particular, the commission should continue to license satellite operations on a secondary basis only. 

ITIF to policymakers: To support 5G development, bring mmWave to market and streamline infrastructure deployment

5G functionality is on track to expand wireless functionality over 4G LTE's capabilities, but there is more policymakers can do to set the stage for innovation, ITIF found in a new report it released Thursday.

An extended auction of 600 MHz spectrum: Bad news for carriers, but good news for Dish and Ligado

Mobile carriers and would-be wireless service providers are highly unlikely to meet the FCC's enormous $86.4 billion clearing cost to acquire TV broadcasters' spectrum at auction. And while that may not be good news for existing network operators, it may boost the value of spectrum that's already being held by players such as Dish Network and Ligado.

Public Knowledge, OTI want FCC to protect DSRC users from cyberattacks

Pointing to a number of high-profile hacking incidents involving motor vehicles over the last year and General Motors' intention to deploy dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) in some model cars this fall, Public Knowledge (PK) and the New America Open Technology Institute (OTI) are petitioning the FCC to immediately prohibit use of DSRC until it adopts service rules that protect the cybersecurity and privacy of DSRC users.