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Latest Headlines

AT&T, WiMAX Forum cite separate problems with FCC's 3.5 GHz plan

Wireless industry players are finding a number of problems with the FCC's proposed plan to open up the 3.5 GHz band for a Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), which would enable spectrum sharing among federal and non-federal incumbents, holders of priority access licenses (PALs) and unlicensed general authorized access (GAA) users.

FCC's Wheeler lays out plan to draw broadcasters into 600 MHz incentive auction

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler laid out the agency's plans to entice TV broadcasters to participate in next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum. Specifically, he said the commission starting this summer will meet with broadcasters individually across the country and will provide an estimate of the amount of money broadcasters could receive for voluntarily relinquishing some or all of their spectrum rights in the auction.

Comsearch could become fifth TV white space spectrum database coordinator

The U.S. TV white space (TVWS) arena might soon see the arrival of the fifth FCC-approved database coordinator after Comsearch wrapped up a 45-day trial of its system.

House Republicans say FTC should set net neutrality laws

Forging yet another wrinkle into the highly complex debate about net neutrality, Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee on Friday suggested that the Federal Trade Commission, not the Federal Communications Commission, should decide the matter.

FCC dedicates $2B to equip schools, libraries with Wi-Fi

The FCC is allocating $2 billion over the next two years to equip more schools and libraries with Wi-Fi connections to enable students to take advantage of new educational tools like tablets and digital textbooks.

T-Mobile asks FCC for help in its data roaming beef with AT&T

T-Mobile is asking the FCC to issue new guidance and enforcement criteria on data roaming agreements. T-Mobile's request appears to be an attempt by the carrier to obtain a more favorable roaming agreement with rival AT&T Mobility.

O'Rielly to FCC: Don't put your head in the sand

In a speech to The Media Institute on Thursday, FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly compared the commission to an ostrich, suggesting the FCC is putting its head in the sand by not quickly reacting to market conditions and modifying antiquated rules that do not reflect new realities.

FCC: Fiber and cable broadband providers improve speeds, but DSL needs improvement

U.S.-based broadband providers are improving their overall network performance, according to the FCC's fourth annual "Measuring Broadband America" report. But the report also said DSL is starting to lag behind.

Cable is delivering on ISP speeds, FCC study says

In its fourth yearly speed report on ISPs, the FCC found that, on average, cable operators are meeting or beating their advertised speeds by over 100 percent. The FCC also found that consumers continue to crave more speed and are moving to higher and faster tiers of service.

Globalstar's private Wi-Fi plan may win FCC approval this year

Globalstar's plans to offer terrestrial low power service (TLPS) using its Big LEO S band license may be on track for quick approval by the FCC, according to a note issued by analysts at New Street Research.