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Latest Headlines

FCC passes broadband-focused Lifeline reform following failed bipartisan agreement

The FCC voted along party lines to upgrade the Lifeline program to enable low-income residents to get broadband access, but the passing of the reform was fraught with controversy over an earlier proposal that failed to take flight.

During heated meeting, FCC votes to expand Lifeline to cover mobile Internet services

The FCC voted to expand the Lifeline program to cover broadband Internet service for low-income Americans during a heated meeting that followed the collapse of an 11th-hour effort to reach a consensus among the five commissioners.

NCTA: FCC broadband privacy bill 'mistakes a good headline for actual headway'

The NCTA criticized a divided decision today by FCC commissioners to approve a proposal reforming privacy regulations for Internet service providers.

ACA to FCC: Blame the large media congloms for lack of program diversity, not smaller cable operators

Responding to an FCC inquiry to address a perceived lack of ethnic and racial diversity in pay-TV programming, the American Cable Network has urged the agency to examine the "forced bundling" practices of the large programming conglomerates.

FCC poised to expand standalone broadband with $20B overhaul of USF program

The FCC has approved a proposal to modernize the universal service fund (USF) program, with a particular focus on enabling rural rate-of-return carriers to provide standalone broadband service.

Comcast defends 'most favored nation' contract clauses in FCC inquiry

With the FCC taking a closer look at pay-TV contract clauses that guarantee operators the best rates in select markets, Comcast has come to the defense of so-called "most favorite nation" clauses.

Verizon: More than 10,000 customers are using signal boosters, and none is causing interference

Verizon urged the FCC not to modify rules for consumer signal boosters, saying the current regulations have adequately addressed interference concerns. The carrier added that more than 10,000 of its customers are registered users of signal boosters, more than twice as many as used them last year.

AT&T denies that Calif. broadband legislation will require taxpayers to pay $100M for 10 Mbps services

AT&T has come under fire from a telecom consultant who claims the telco is negotiating an agreement with the California Public Utility Commission that would apparently provide AT&T $100 million to bring broadband service to nearly all of the state's residents.

FCC's O'Rielly: Netflix's mobile video policy 'disturbing' but not a net neutrality violation

Netflix's policy of degrading content for mobile carriers that charge their customers extra for data overages is controversial, but it doesn't violate net neutrality laws, according to FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly. But it may be cause for a federal investigation.

Incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum kicks off

The FCC's long-awaited incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum effectively kicks off tonight as the Commission begins to reconfigure TV broadcasters' airwaves for use by mobile service providers. But while the auction has been six years in the making, much work is yet to be done.