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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink's CAF-I broadband project to bring 40 Mbps to rural Roanoke Valley, N.C., customers

CenturyLink is giving customers in North Carolina's Halifax and Northampton counties up to 40 Mbps of broadband bandwidth thanks to an FCC Federal Communications Connect America Fund (CAF) grant.

H Block auction likely to end within days, with Dish in the lead

The auction of the 1900 MHz PCS H Block, which has dragged on for longer than analysts thought it would, now appears to be entering its last days--and Dish Network is still likely going to be the winner of the airwaves.

AT&T snags 700 MHz and AWS spectrum licenses from cable firm BendBroadband for LTE

AT&T Mobility bolstered its 700 MHz and AWS spectrum holdings by moving to acquire a handful of licenses from Oregon cable company BendBroadband, and AT&T intends to use the airwaves to add capacity to its LTE networks.

FCC to write new network neutrality rules

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the commission will write a new set of network-neutrality rules aimed at preventing broadband providers such as Comcast and Verizon from throttling traffic from Netflix and other online video providers.

FCC to rework existing net neutrality rules, won't appeal Verizon ruling

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to craft a new set of net neutrality rules that will prohibit broadband providers from throttling bandwidth or blocking Internet content from over-the-top providers like Netflix of Amazon, reports  The Washington Post.

FCC won't appeal net neutrality loss, Wheeler outlines new plans for net neutrality rules

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the agency will not appeal a recent federal appeals court ruling striking down the commission's net neutrality regulations, and will instead find ways to use its existing authority to craft new ones.

Will online video stay on the sidelines of the Comcast-TWC merger review?

If the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal ultimately goes through, the market for broadband and cable service won't change much. But it will change in important ways. Comcast, for one, will soon be the gatekeeper to broadband customers and TV viewers in nearly every major market.

Sprint, SoftBank execs to reconsider T-Mobile bid, according to report

Executives at Sprint and SoftBank are reconsidering their plans to attempt a merger between T-Mobile US and Sprint in the wake of significant regulatory opposition to the proposed transaction, according to a new report from the  Wall Street Journal.

Verizon 700 MHz LTE cell site is latest victim of interference from fluorescent lights

High-frequency radio emissions from fluorescent lights installed in a Los Angeles office building are allegedly interfering with a Verizon Wireless cell site, prompting the FCC to referee the dispute between Verizon and the building owner.

Verizon says FCC can't ignore Sprint's 2.5 GHz licenses in spectrum screen

Verizon Wireless took Sprint ato task over the fact that the vast trove of 2.5 GHz spectrum Sprint acquired from Clearwire last year is not currently included in the FCC's "spectrum screen." If the spectrum were included, Verizon agues, Sprint would be counted as having more spectrum than any other carrier.