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Latest Headlines

Sprint won't participate in AWS-3 spectrum auction, ceding opportunity to competitors

Sprint will not participate in the FCC's upcoming auction of AWS-3 spectrum, the carrier confirmed, giving the company's competitors one less player to worry about as they formulate their bidding strategies.

AT&T, SoftBank, T-Mobile execs push for wireless carve-out in net neutrality guidelines

LAS VEGAS--Executives from a handful of the nation's top wireless carriers unanimously rejected arguments that wireless networks should fall under the same net neutrality guidelines as wireline networks. The comments are notable in light of a speech this week from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hinting that the agency is considering rules that would apply much more strict open Internet guidelines onto wireless carriers than it did in 2010.

C Spire's Meena: Collapse of Sprint/T-Mobile deal set back U.S. wireless competition

LAS VEGAS--The fact that Sprint abandoned a merger with T-Mobile US in the face of opposition from regulators, especially at the FCC, has set back the cause for competition in the U.S. wireless market, according to C Spire Wireless CEO Hu Meena.

Members of Congress seek flexibility in FCC's rural broadband requirements

Over 40 members of Congress have asked the FCC to give service providers the flexibility they need to deploy high-speed broadband connections to more hard-to-reach communities under the upcoming Connect America Funding II (CAF II) program.

FCC's Wheeler sets Sept. 30 date to vote out NFL blackout rules

Signaling the FCC's most decisive move yet in regard to ending 40-year-old rules that black out local pro football games, Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has set a Sept. 30 vote to—he apparently hopes—do away with them.

FCC's Wheeler defends commission's opposition to M&A, hints at stricter approach to net neutrality in wireless

LAS VEGAS--During a keynote appearance here at the Super Mobility Week show, FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler defended the commission's opposition to AT&T's attempt to acquire T-Mobile US, and more recently the FCC's resistance to Sprint's reported efforts to merge with T-Mobile. Wheeler also hinted that the commission is seriously considering applying stricter net neutrality guidelines on wireless carriers.

Discovery Channel parent opposes Comcast-TWC merger

Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel and other pay TV programming, has come out in opposition to Comcast's $45.2 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

FCC's Wheeler: Operators need to 'show up' for 600 MHz incentive auction

LAS VEGAS--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that it's crucial that wireless carriers participate in the 600 MHz incentive auction that is planned for mid-2015.  Speaking at the Competitive Carriers' Association show here, Wheeler said that a segment of the broadcast industry, which has been very vocal in its opposition to this auction, is saying that there are not enough wireless carriers to participate to make it worthwhile for the broadcasters. "It is crucial that you show up. And show up now."

Expectations high for upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction

LAS VEGAS--Anticipation is growing for the FCC's upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction, which will begin Nov. 13. During a panel discussion here at the Competitive Carriers' Association conference, several operators said that they expected the auction to get high participation from a lot of different players.

Wheeler's comments foreboding to Comcast-TWC merger? Depends who you ask

With FCC chairman Tom Wheeler speaking at length about the general dearth of broadband competition in the U.S. Thursday, a kind of Rorschach Test has emerged in regard to the possible implications to the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger.