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Latest Headlines

Comcast rejects accusation that it hasn't met FCC diversity guidelines

Comcast continues to vigorously defend its diversity record with the FCC, calling accusations that it launched figurehead channels to satisfy mandates associated with the 2011 purchase of NBCUniversal "rank speculation."

FTC to FCC: Third-party set-top makers must certify their devices meet privacy guidelines

Adding to the cacophony of voices chiming in on the FCC's plans to revise pay-TV set-top regulation, the Federal Trade Commission has submitted comments suggesting that third-party manufacturers certify their devices meet privacy guidelines.

T-Mobile asks FCC to look at program licensing fees, MFNs, supports set-top proposal

Calling mobile video "the next frontier for mobile broadband disruption," T-Mobile US has submitted a mixed bag of commentary to the FCC, asking the agency to closely examine pay-TV "most-favored nation" (MFN) deals and its set-top leasing business, while also criticizing fast-growing broadcast retransmission fees.

Sprint, T-Mobile voice support for Verizon, Incompas truce in special access

In a new filing with the FCC, a group representing the nation's smaller and rural wireless carriers voiced support for Verizon's agreement with Incompas over special access.

Access from AT&T launches for low-income Americans across 21 states, offers 3 Mbps for $5/month

AT&T said today it will launch a new program called "Access from AT&T" that will provide inexpensive home wired internet service to Americans who live in the carrier's 21-state service area and who participate in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, which used to be called food stamps.

T-Mobile pushes FCC to review policies for video providers

T-Mobile urged the FCC to reconsider several key provisions and practices regarding video distribution, saying they're unfair to players looking to deliver content on devices other than traditional TVs.

NCTA and ACA pounce on FCC statement, says its set-top plan exceeds Communications Act authority

In separate conference calls with news reporters today, the NCTA and the ACA said the FCC is stepping outside its jurisdiction in trying to rewrite rules governing the leasing of pay-TV set-tops.

Security flaw in SS7 triggers FCC review, call for carrier action

The FCC said it is looking into the use of a mobile network technology with a vulnerability that allows hackers to access others' wireless data using nothing but a phone number.

Future of TV Coalition says 70,000 have signed petitions against FCC's set-top proposal

The Future of TV Coalition said that more than 70,000 Americans from all over the country have signed a series of petitions opposing the FCC's proposed set-top box mandate, arguing that the rules will "hamper innovation, erode viewer privacy, set back program diversity and drive up consumer bills."

AT&T reiterates stance for FCC to eliminate non-discrimination requirements on the U.S.-Cuba route

AT&T has reiterated its argument that the FCC should remove the existing nondiscrimination requirements that apply to facilities-based IMTS traffic arrangements on the U.S.-Cuba route.