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Latest Headlines

FCC's Wheeler: Operators need to 'show up' for 600 MHz incentive auction

LAS VEGAS--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that it's crucial that wireless carriers participate in the 600 MHz incentive auction that is planned for mid-2015.  Speaking at the Competitive Carriers' Association show here, Wheeler said that a segment of the broadcast industry, which has been very vocal in its opposition to this auction, is saying that there are not enough wireless carriers to participate to make it worthwhile for the broadcasters. "It is crucial that you show up. And show up now."

Expectations high for upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction

LAS VEGAS--Anticipation is growing for the FCC's upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction, which will begin Nov. 13. During a panel discussion here at the Competitive Carriers' Association conference, several operators said that they expected the auction to get high participation from a lot of different players.

Wheeler's comments foreboding to Comcast-TWC merger? Depends who you ask

With FCC chairman Tom Wheeler speaking at length about the general dearth of broadband competition in the U.S. Thursday, a kind of Rorschach Test has emerged in regard to the possible implications to the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger.

FCC's Wheeler: Competition will drive new broadband speeds, availability

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says that the only way that more residential and business customers will be able to get access to more affordable broadband service is if there are more competitive choices in the market.

Verizon slapped with FCC $7.4M consumer privacy violation fine

Verizon is forking over $7.4 million to the FCC to resolve an investigation on how it used consumers' information for marketing purposes.

Google says tests prove large exclusion zones are unnecessary in 3.5 GHz band

Google says its testing reveals that LTE and Wi-Fi networks can work in close proximity to radar systems in the 3.5 GHz band, proving it is unnecessary to establish large exclusion zones to protect commercial wireless systems from harmful radar interference.

FCC stops charging fees to tiny cable operators, proposes that Dish and DirecTV start paying up

Tiny cable operators are, understandably, praising the FCC's decision to exempt them from regulatory fees while simultaneously proposing that satellite operators Dish and DirecTV be subject to per-sub charges.

Netflix supports municipal broadband providers' moves to lift state restrictions

Netflix has grand ambitions to expand its 4K/UHD content library and sees municipal providers that are deploying their own fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks as a key enabler. 

Netflix sides with muni broadband in quest to upend state laws

As Netflix prepares to increase the content it's delivering in 4K/UHD, a bandwidth-hungry video format, the SVOD provider promoted, in comments to the FCC, municipal broadband providers' ability to quickly bring U.S. residents up to the Internet capacity necessary to view Ultra HD.

Netflix to FCC: We only have trouble with big, consolidated ISPs in the U.S.

Saving its harshest critique, after months of sturm und drang, for its final, "official" rebuke of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, Netflix called on the FCC to reject the deal.