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Latest Headlines

DSTAC, CableCard, pay-TV apps challenge cable's stronghold on the set-top market

A group of new technologies and services, including DSTAC, CableCard and pay-TV apps are set to challenge the cable industry's long-standing hold on the $20 billion set-top box market.

AT&T turned on 700 MHz interoperability feature in network, is selling Band 12-capable devices

AT&T Mobility said it continues to work with several smaller carriers, likely including T-Mobile US and U.S. Cellular, to create roaming between different 700 MHz band classes but is still encountering some hurdles. Nevertheless, in delivering a progress report on its 700 MHz interoperability efforts to the FCC, AT&T noted that it has turned on the feature in its network that lets its network operate simultaneously in both Band 12 and Band 17 and support devices in both band classes.

Verizon applauds FCC chairman's move to 5G spectrum

Verizon is giving its support to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's decision to circulate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes a framework for flexible spectrum use rules for bands above 24 GHz.

NTCA, COMPTEL want FCC to improve Lifeline verification process

COMPTEL and NTCA said in separate FCC filings that the regulator should work to alleviate service providers from the burden of having to verify Lifeline service recipients.

AT&T testing fixed wireless local loop services with speeds of 15-25 Mbps

AT&T said it is currently testing fixed wireless local loop technology in select areas of the country with local residents who want to try the service, including in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Virginia, and is seeing speeds of around 15 to 25 Mbps.

AT&T says TDM, IP-based special access competition from cable, CLEC is rising

AT&T has joined Verizon and other ILECs in support of the thesis that the FCC should not implement new regulations on the special access market.

Charter's confident CFO Winfrey says TWC/Bright House purchases will close by the end of 2015

While analysts cast fresh doubt on his company's ability to gain regulatory approval of its twin cable purchases, Charter Communications CFO Christopher Winfrey told investors that his MSO is ready to close the purchases of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks by the end of this year.

Report: Wireless industry watered down 911 location tech

According to a lengthy new report from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Center for Public Integrity, rules that would have made it easier to find the location of 911 callers were watered down by intense lobbying by the wireless industry.

Analyst: 'Better than expected' participation expected from TV broadcasters in 600 MHz spectrum incentive auction

The nation's wireless carriers may well have more 600 MHz spectrum to acquire during the FCC's incentive auction next year than they had expected. "From our conversations it appears that absent any legitimate reason (like interference) the auction will begin on March 29th, with better than expected participation from broadcasters," said Jefferies analysts in a recent note to investors. "Officials made it clear that it is unlikely that broadcasters will be able to sell their spectrum directly to the carriers, that a new auction will take place near-term, and that future auctions will reimburse reallocation costs. The FCC is clearly hopeful for participation from both traditional and non-traditional players."

Cincinnati Bell pans minimum broadband speed requirements for Lifeline eligibility

Cincinnati Bell may be a broadband advocate for lower income families, but it says that the FCC should not impose a minimum speed level on the Lifeline support program.