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Latest Headlines

Comcast details VOD viewing for PEG channels in FCC report

Comcast said it has seen increased demand from subscribers in five markets where it has been testing the delivery of public, government and educational (PEG) channels through video-on-demand and online platforms.

Globalstar's Sat-Fi to deliver satellite coverage to Wi-Fi enabled devices

Globalstar is targeting the second quarter for the introduction of Sat-Fi, a new voice and data service that enables customers to use their Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect with Globalstar's satellite network when they are outside of cellular coverage.

6 reasons the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is a terrible idea

Rumors of a potential deal between Sprint and T-Mobile US have been swirling for weeks.  I'm firmly against such a deal. That's not because I want to see the continued dominance of Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility, telecom giants that are gobbling up revenues and profits. Instead, a Sprint/T-Mobile merger is a horrible idea on policy, operational and technological levels. And the companies themselves--and the wider industry--would be better off if they didn't merge.

Analysts: Dish likely to waltz away with H Block soon, with bids only topping $698M so far

The auction of the 1900 MHz PCS H Block is one week old but it's already becoming apparent to analysts that Dish Network is set to capture the spectrum in short order, an outcome that many saw as inevitable. The question now is, if and when Dish wins control of the airwaves, what it might do with another 10 MHz chunk of spectrum.

Nextivity's new signal booster will complement small cells

Carrier efforts to expand cellular coverage indoors will soon be getting a boost, literally, via a new intelligent signal booster from Nextivity, which claims the device can be deployed right alongside smart cells.

FairPoint extended broadband to over 10,400 Maine locations in 2013

FairPoint Communications continues to make progress in rolling out broadband throughout New England, connecting more than 10,400 homes and businesses in Maine alone during the past year.

CTIA, L.A. TV stations launch pilot to demonstrate broadcast spectrum sharing

The CTIA is partnering with two Los Angeles TV stations to launch a pilot project to show that the stations can share the same broadcast spectrum. The pilot is part of effort to gin up support among broadcasters to participate in next year's planned incentive auctions of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum.

Sprint, T-Mobile, CCA and others again urge restricting Verizon, AT&T in 600 MHz auctions

The start of the 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum incentive auctions may have been pushed from this year to the middle of 2015, but the fight to define rules that might restrict the ability of Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility to acquire airwaves in the auctions rages on. Last week, representatives from Sprint, T-Mobile US, U.S. Cellular, Dish Network and a wide array of associations and public interest groups met with FCC officials and urged for those restrictions.

Google asks FCC for permission to run tests in 76-77 GHz wave band

In today's spotlight, FierceWirelessTech takes a look at reports that Google has asked the FCC for permission to conduct tests involving technology that would use the 76-77 GHz millimeter wave band, which is authorized for vehicle radars and other short-range radar applications.

Google plans mystery experiments at 76-77 GHz

Google filed a highly secretive application with the FCC for an experimental radio authority, via which the company aims to test technology in the 76-77 GHz millimeter-wave band. That spectrum is authorized for short-range radar applications, including vehicle radars.