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Latest Headlines

Google says pay-TV's set-top proposal alternative is a 'constructive effort'

Google appears to be showing some support for a pay-TV group's recently proposed alternative to FCC Chairman's "Unlock the Box" set-top proposal.

FCC's Wheeler: Lack of backhaul competition could delay 5G wireless deployments

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says as wireless operators hone their 5G plans, which will leverage higher band frequencies, there will be a need for more cost effective wireline-based backhaul solutions.

House to vote on bill to kill Lifeline subsidies for mobile services

Legislators are scheduled to vote on a bill Tuesday that would block the FCC from giving federal subsidies to low-income consumers for mobile phone and wireless broadband services, The Hill reported.

U.S. Cellular hit with FCC citation for tower violations

U.S. Cellular is in hot water with the FCC over a pair of cell tower violations in two different states.

Wheeler may be losing FCC Democratic support for set-top proposal

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's controversial pay-TV set-top NPRM was adopted last February on a 3-2 party vote but now, as the final commission vote for the proposal nears, support could be waning among the Democratic commissions for the suggested rules.

Wheeler seeks new rules to open 'vast amounts of spectrum for 5G'

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he'll ask the Commission next month to approve new rules "that will identify and open up vast amounts of spectrum for 5G applications."

ACA tells FCC new set-top rules could affect smaller MSOs' ability to borrow from banks

As the debate rages on over FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to "unlock the box" and open up linear TV services on third-party devices, the ACA is now saying that the proposal could potentially hurt smaller MSOs' ability to borrow from banks.

Wheeler says net neutrality can withstand Supreme Court challenge

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler isn't afraid of the large telcos like AT&T and CenturyLink challenging the commission's net neutrality rules, which were upheld by a Washington federal appeals court last week. He says they also won't fall to a Supreme Court challenge.

Special access revamp needs technology-neutral approach, interest group says

Public Knowledge, a nonprofit Washington, D.C.-based public interest group, says that if the FCC wants to successfully regulate the broadband data services (BDS) market it needs to have a technology neutral policy regime.

New Charter overbuild mandate incites rage among regional cable providers, RLECs

Charter Communications' mandate to overbuild into 2 million rural markets is spurring fears amongst regional cable providers and rural ILECs that are fearful they won't be able to compete with the new company.