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Latest Headlines

Apple, BlackBerry urge caution on longer, more complicated emergency alerts

In separate meetings with the FCC, executives from Apple and BlackBerry discussed the agency's proposal to increase the length of mobile emergency alerts from 90 characters to 360. They also debated whether those alerts should include links to websites, and whether those websites would hold up under a barrage of traffic from concerned recipients.

FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction bids could create new opportunities for tower providers, installers

The FCC's much-anticipated 600 MHz incentive auction could potentially provide a wealth of business for tower providers and wireless network installers once the operators put the spectrum they purchase to use.

Setting the stage for the 600 MHz incentive auction

TV broadcasters must tell the FCC which specific TV channels they are interested in selling by next week, which will kick off the incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum that will be a key focal point for the mobile industry for at least the next several months. The FCC will then reconfigure those airwaves via optimization software to make them more easily usable for carriers before announcing in a few weeks how much spectrum it hopes to make available to bidders. Officials hope to provide as much as 126 MHz.

CenturyLink: 10/1 Mbps broadband requirement is too rigid for Lifeline customers

CenturyLink supports the FCC's efforts to realign the Lifeline program to focus on broadband, but the service provider wants to ensure that the reforms don't unintentionally leave some consumers behind.

Army of progressive groups launch FCC Hail Mary to stop Charter-TWC

A group of consumer watchdogs and progressive political action groups have banded together to implore the FCC to stop Charter Communications' purchase of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Cincinnati Bell seeks FCC permission to shut down telegraph services

Cincinnati Bell has asked the FCC for permission to shut down its Telegraph Grade Service in its serving area, marking the end of a bygone communications era dating back to the 1800s.

AT&T, Verizon, other top providers to bid in 600 MHz incentive auction

The FCC's upcoming incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum has attracted over 104 applicants, creating what Chairman Tom Wheeler hopes will result in a "spectrum extravaganza."

600 MHz incentive auction primer: Who will bid, when it will happen, how it will work, and how much money it will raise

Participants hope to walk away with low-band airwaves that offer both distinct propagation characteristics for deployments over long distances and strong in-building penetration. This is likely to be the last major auction of low-band spectrum for the foreseeable future, so stakes are high. First, though, the FCC must hold a reverse auction during which it will buy back spectrum from TV broadcasters that will later be auctioned to bidders looking to use it to deploy wireless services.

Verizon supports net neutrality principles, but says policies should encourage network investment

Verizon touted its support for parts of the FCC's net neutrality rules, saying in a blog post that it is behind the regulator's policies on prohibiting service providers from throttling specific kinds of content and from charging content partners for faster delivery of their products and services to consumers.

Fatbeam says 63 percent of its E-Rate customers are using dark fiber

Fatbeam, a regional dark fiber provider serving the Pacific Northwest, is seeing dark fiber adoption by schools in its serving area increase by 63 percent.