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Latest Headlines

Velocity Telephone launches metro ring FTTX network

If you're looking to get a 1 Gbps Fiber to the X (FTTX) connection, you should take a look at Eagan, MN where local Velocity Telephone is putting a new spin on the FTTX concept by building what it is

Level 3 drives down latency for financial centers

Level 3 is heeding the financial trading industry's call to drive out network latency by enhancing the performance and service options on its fiber network between New York and Chicago--two major

GTA TeleGuam protests IT&E's $8 million broadband stimulus award

GTA TeleGuam's protest against Philippines-based IT&E's $8 million broadband stimulus grant to build a competing network in Guam is yet another sign that the Obama administration's broadband

XO enhances Northern, VA LMDS wireless network

With a 19,000-mile U.S. network in place, XO is no slouch in the fiber department, but the service provider complements its wired holdings with a sizeable 80 market Local Multipoint Distribution

XO takes Q4 09 profit hit, but sales and year results were up

XO's Q4 09 report saw a typical mix of hits and misses heard at many carriers this year. While XO's profits of $13.3 million were down from $21.5 million in Q4 08, sales increased $.06 million from

NH group wants $66 million to build middle mile network

Network New Hampshire Now, a New Hampshire-based coalition, believes that if it had a fiber network in hand it would be able to not only give the state higher Internet access speeds, but an economic

Global Crossing brings fiber to the Phoenix NAP

Carriers and enterprises that connect into the Phoenix NAP datacenter will now have yet another connectivity choice as Global Crossing has extended its fiber network into the service provider's

Qwest, IBM target SMB network security

Qwest and IBM believe that just because you're an SMB doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the same network security services big enterprises have. Taking elements of IBM's already deployed

Lightower ups capacity at Telx's New Jersey Colo site

Lightower Fiber Networks, a northeast U.S. metro fiber provider, is bringing new network capabilities to Telx's Delawanna Ave. colocation site in Clifton, New Jersey. Along with providing additional

Windstream seeks $238 million to fill in broadband gaps

Windstream's broadband network may now reach over 1.1 million subscribers, but it is having a hard time justifying the expense to expand these services into its 'unserved' communities. To close that