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Latest Headlines

XO extends network reach in Seattle

XO Communications (OTC BB: XOHO.OB) sees the Seattle metro as one of the many existing markets it operates as a ripe area to expand its network presence. In this latest network expansion, XO will

Italian government encourages Telecom Italia, unions to find common ground

The Italian government has asked Telecom Italia (NYSE: TI), which has proposed cutting 6,800 employees from its workforce, to work out a deal with the country's labor unions that have protested the

Regulator encourages Telecom Italia to help with open access fiber network

Italy's main telecom regulator Agcom wants the country's incumbent carrier Telecom Italia to play nice with three competitors (Vodafone, FastWeb and Wind) who are building out their own joint

Level 3 targets Europe's low latency network needs

While much of the network latency drive for financial companies has centered around the Chicago to New York route, Level 3's (NASDAQ: LVLT) new route between London and Frankfurt shows that the

France Telecom's new five-year plan addresses growth, employee morale

With barely four months under his belt as France Telecom's (NYSE: FTE) new CEO, Stephane Richard has settled in and is advancing his five-year vision for the service provider. Richard's "Conquests

Government awards $795 million in broadband stimulus' second round

With a focus on filling the so-called "middle mile" broadband gaps in rural communities, the Obama administration announced they have awarded $795 million in grants and loans in the second broadband

Pirelli wants out of the broadband business

Pirelli has come to the conclusion that it would be better off not selling broadband access products. This has driven the Italian company to shop its broadband division to potential buyers. The move

Zayo strikes deal to acquire American Fiber Systems

Zayo is once again coming to the deal table with a bid to acquire Rochester, N.Y.-based American Fiber Systems Holding Corporation (AFS), a provider of metro fiber and telecom services. By purchasing

Cavalier updates Cleveland Metro School District's voice network

Teachers and administrators at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) will be able to more effectively communicate with each other over a new Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connection from

24/7 Fiber Network wraps phase one of fiber network build out

24/7 Fiber Network, an emerging wholesale fiber and Ethernet service provider, has just put the finishing touches on Phase One of its fiber network expansion. With Phase One of the network expansion