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Latest Headlines

24/7 Fiber Network wraps phase one of fiber network build out

24/7 Fiber Network, an emerging wholesale fiber and Ethernet service provider, has just put the finishing touches on Phase One of its fiber network expansion. With Phase One of the network expansion

Mexico's Cofetel leader Hector Osuna won't seek another term

Hector Osuna, the head of Mexico's telecom regulator Cofetel, won't be returning after his term ends this month. After Osuna leaves Cofetel, a regulator that has been unsuccessful in helping to

West Va. puts statewide broadband network in motion

One lucky West Va. county will soon be able to tap into the capabilities of a new statewide hybrid microwave/fiber-based network. Although West Va.'s Commerce Secretary Kelly Goes would not reveal

Intellifiber extends Ethernet reach through CENX

With over a 100,000 buildings currently connected to its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) network, Intellifiber is clearly not lacking in network connectivity, but its entry into CENX's Ethernet exchange

Tiscali to participate in Italian open access network

Tiscali SpA has decided to join fellow competitive providers Vodafone Group, Fastweb SpA (FWB.MI) and Wind SpA to build out a $2.9 billion open access last mile network in Italy. Tiscali did not

BT will have to share last mile fiber with competitors

BT's (NYSE: BT) ambitious Fiber to the X rollout--one that the incumbent carrier says will now reach 66 million homes by 2012--will come with the regulatory price of providing competitors access to

Allied Fiber begins construction of U.S. nationwide dark fiber system

Allied Fiber, a provider of dark fiber capacity, is moving ahead with the build out of the first phase of its ambitious U.S.-based nationwide wholesale fiber network. Expected to be completed in Q4

Telecom New Zealand considers network spinoff to participate in broadband initiative

The New Zealand government has developed an ambitious broadband network plan and incumbent carrier Telecom New Zealand wants a piece of the action. However, the government said that service providers

Ericsson extends managed service relationship with Telefonica Brazil

Ericsson's (NasdaqGS: ERIC) focus on providing managed services to other service providers continues to pay off as Telefonica Brazil has awarded the Swedish vendor a three-year managed services

Telstra has until the end of June to decide on its NBN role

Time is ticking for Telstra and its involvement in Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) project. Telstra now has until the end of June to reach an agreement with the government. This deadline