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Latest Headlines

Fiber, IP are the best way to support next-gen services

In his latest column, Jim Barthold of FierceIPTV examines how it's going to be hard for service providers to use "20th Century copper infrastructure trying to serve consumers with state-of-the-art 21st Century devices."

5 reasons Verizon needs to restart its FiOS rollout

Verizon had a decent year for FiOS, adding 607,000 Internet subscribers and 553,000 video subscribers to its net total. It's sticking to its plan to build those subscription numbers in the areas where it already has deployed FiOS. But Verizon, which halted new deployments of its fiber product last year, needs to bite the bullet and restart its rollout.

Australia NBN faces 3-month delay as rollout stalls

Australia's National Broadband Network has suffered a setback with the buildout falling 10 weeks behind schedule due to what it says is a lack of qualified workers and "ambitious" targets.

Choosing the wireline market's top contenders: who backs up their talk?

These days, many wireline-centric providers say they're challenging the telecom market or innovating, but how many of them really stand out from the pack? In our new feature, "The Contenders," we take a closer look at five companies that are walking the walk.

For telecom, it's all about IP

At the first meeting of the FCC's Technology Transitions Policy Taskforce on March 18, the workshop will consider various topics around the final transition to IP. One suggestion that has received considerable support is that the process should protect consumers by including a few pilot trials to ensure that any issues that surface do so within a limited and safe environment.

SaskTel to spend $55 million to up rural DSL speeds, enhance optical transport

SaskTel revealed this week during the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) 2013 Annual Convention that it would spend CAD 57 million (USD 55.4 million) over the next seven years to better serve its rural customer base.

BT to extend FTTx coverage to 95% of Cornwall homes

BT is extending the coverage of its fiber-based broadband services in Cornwall to 95 percent of area homes, up from the 80 percent mark it originally set, by 2014.

FCC's pole attachment rules upheld by D.C. court

Telecom service providers overcame a major network cost on Wednesday as the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the FCC's 2011 order that regulates how much utility companies can charge telcos to attach wires to their poles.

France launches 10-year, $27 billion fiber broadband initiative

France sees broadband as a major driver of economic growth, and on Friday the government revealed plans to dedicate €20 billion ($27 billion), using a mix of public and private funds, to the buildout of fiber-based broadband networks.

Verizon launches 50/25 Mbps FiOS upgrade for $10

Verizon on Monday launched a plan for existing FiOS customers allowing them to upgrade to its introductory Quantum tier of 50/25 Mbps for an additional $10 per month.