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Latest Headlines

Canadian telcos using fiber to woo video customers

Telcos in Canada like Bell Aliant, Bell Canada and Telus are using their fiber optic networks to cut into the cable TV business stronghold and bring in their own batches of video subscribers, a research group says.

TDS completes parts of broadband stimulus projects in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee

TDS Telecom is going to deliver broadband service to more of its rural customer base through three ongoing projects in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Set to be completed this spring, these buildouts will enable a combined 2,750 more households to gain access to high-speed Internet service.

Verizon extends FiOS to 3.7M more homes and businesses in Connecticut, New York

Verizon may have curtailed any new FiOS expansions, but in Connecticut and New York it continued to put the fiber to the premises (FTTP)-based service into the hands of more users, making it available to a total of 3.7 million homes and businesses in both states as of the end of 2013.

SK Telecom names Nokia Siemens Networks as its 100G optical supplier

SK Telecom, Korea's largest wireless operator, on Monday began incorporating Nokia Siemens Networks' 100G technology into its existing 40G network.

Optimum Lightpath's fiber network cleans out Horizon Healthcare's clogged arteries

If the U.S. healthcare industry were a human being, it would be lodged in a hospital room anxiously awaiting an operation to scrub out its clogged arteries and breathe fresh life into a body

Smart grid changes access network economics

The electric power industry's deployment of smart grids embodies some surprising changes for the economics of communications access networks. Business case motivations for deploying smart grids

CommScope, cable's cable provider, seen heading private

CommScope (NYSE: CTV), for years has positioned itself as the cable in cable TV, could be a private company soon if a deal with The Carlyle Group goes down as planned. The North Carolina firm, which

Colorado town fights Qwest for fiber

Silverton is the only country seat in Colorado that is not connected to the rest of the state by fiber optics. Qwest has a $37 million contract with the state of Colorado to link every county seat