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Latest Headlines

AT&T system would restrict content access, charge fees to prevent 'bandwidth abuse'

AT&T Mobility has developed an application-aware system designed to restrict customers from engaging in "non-permissible" bandwidth-intensive activities such as file sharing or movie downloading.

TekSavvy granted extension to fight Voltage Pictures' copyright lawsuit

TekSavvy, a Canadian competitive broadband provider, has been granted more time to build a defense against Voltage Picture's lawsuit to get the names of subscribers who use P2P service to download its films.

Britain clamps down on Internet piracy

U.K. Internet users beware: if you continue to illegally download movies and music, we'll find you and shut down your Internet connection. At least that's the British government's take in a proposed

AT&T revises data usage rules

AT&T has changed the terms of service for its wireless data plans, a move that seems to prepare for AT&T's bigger push into subsidized netbooks and could impact what type of applications are

P2P traffic coming to forefront in 3G world

In today's issue it's interesting to see two stories that are beginning to demonstrate the issues mobile operators will face as 3G services proliferate in the U.S. Mainly, customers are beginning to