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Latest Headlines

Epix continues to build base with Dish Network deal

Who said there's no place for another entertainment network--especially one that doesn't restrict itself to the television? Epix, the jointly backed venture of Viacom, Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM

Cable operators band together for WiFi in New York

Cablevision Systems, Comcast and Time Warner announced an agreement that will enable their high-speed Internet customers to roam across the companies' respective WiFi networks for free in the New

Telco Q1 earnings preview: Service differentiation will be key

With consumers abandoning their landline phone connections by defecting to cable or going all-wireless, the Q1 2010 tier one wireline service provider results will likely reflect ongoing landline

Watching the competition: Verizon looks to green set-top boxes

Verizon may be pulling back on the throttle when it comes to deploying FiOS everywhere, but the competitive service provider isn't slowing up on ways to differentiate itself from the cable industry.

Cablevision not ready to share MSG HD with Verizon

Even with a January FCC order closing the terrestrial loophole and a court decision affirming that order, it looks like competitors like Verizon's FiOS and DirecTV will still have to pull

Seidenberg: FCC should look at cable, not broadcasters, for more spectrum

Verizon may be rolling back its FiOS FTTH video entertainment play and it may or may not be interested in adding DirecTV as more than a TV delivery partner, but it does seem to understand that the

Placating FCC, Malone steps down from DirecTV board

Cable icon and Liberty Media Chairman John Malone is quitting the DirecTV board and reducing his 24.3 percent voting interest to 3 percent in a move designed to satisfy concerns the FCC placed on

Verizon conducts dual stack IPv6/IPv4 FiOS subscriber test

Verizon may have already been working to meet IPv6 address compliance mandates for its large business and government customers, but with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) predicting

PCCW, China Telecom earn IPTV World Series Awards

The IPTV World Series Awards were handed out at this week's IPTV World Forum in London, and given that many market observers see Asia rising as the new hot market region for IPTV, it's fitting that

HDTV still a battleground for service providers

It may seem like old news considering the growth of Internet TV, TV Everywhere and 3D TV, but good old HDTV is still a hot button when it comes to service provider competition. Cable's planned move