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Latest Headlines

Verizon offers month-to-month FiOS deal

Looking to counter negative ads that have focused on its doubling of early termination fees and stringent contract terms, Verizon is offering consumers the option of hooking up month-to-month FiOS

Verizon shifts FiOS plan to encourage more subscribers

Verizon, which is throttling back plans to expand FiOS while putting more emphasis on building a subscriber base throughout areas where the service has been started, is adding a couple more

Verizon lets customers try FiOS on for size

Verizon's (NYSE:VZ) move to allow its customers to try FiOS for a month and not penalizing them if they switch is a realization that consumers want the freedom see what actually fits their own needs.

Frontier vows smooth transition for Verizon FiOS customers

Promising a more focused local management approach and a commitment to community, Frontier Communications has begun to reassure soon-to-be-former Verizon FiOS customers that nothing else would change

Frontier pledges support for FiOS customers

Frontier (NYSE: FTR) may still be crossing the final Ts and Is in its acquisition of Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) rural phone lines, but it wants to reassure the 100,000 FiOS FTTH customers that come with

Bill DeMuth hangs up his CTO shoes at SureWest

Bill DeMuth, CTO of SureWest Communications (NasdaqGM: SURW) will retire from the company on June 30 after 34 years with the service provider once known as the Roseville Telephone Company. While

Who needs traditional cellular when WiFi can do the job?

There has been some criticism-even within the sacred confines of this site--of cable's plans, or lack of same, for mobile wireless service. On the surface it appears that telcos like Verizon and

Interactive TV vendor ActiveVideo files patent infringement suit against Verizon

ActiveVideo Networks, based in San Jose, Calif., has accused Verizon Communications of infringing five of its interactive television patents. A lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the

Verizon extends FiOS TV mobile applications to more smartphones

Verizon is giving FiOS subscribers even more ways to plan their TV watching schedule by extending the capabilities of FiOS' key mobile applications--Mobile Remote and Remote DVR Manager--to even more

Customer satisfaction on the rise for cable services

Last week at The Cable Show in Los Angeles, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts made it a point that cable's image as a customer-friendly service must improve. "We have to evolve how we do business," Roberts