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Latest Headlines

Verizon adds more international channels

Verizon Communications announced that it is beefing up its international culture and language content with three new FiOS TV channels from partner WorldTV. The new programming includes Korean,

Verizon extends FiOS presence into five additional Mass. towns

Verizon's FiOS growth may have slowed a bit during the third quarter, yet the service provider continues to expand the reach of the service in its Massachusetts market. Joining the list of

Cablevision's profit surges in Q3

Cablevision may be facing a difficult economy and a tough competitive challenge from Verizon FiOS in its home New York City market, but neither of these factors seemed to make much of a dent in its

Verizon gets J.D. Power nod for broadband access

Even if Verizon's broadband subscriber numbers were down slightly in the third quarter of 2009, it looks like its customers are happy with their service. J.D. Power's new "2009 Internet Service

Verizon brings FiOS to Allentown

Perhaps if Billy Joel knew about Verizon FiOS back in 1981, his famous song "Allentown" might sound something like, "they're bringing fiber into Allentown." Verizon will bring its Fiber to the

Verizon realigns wireline business and corporate structure

With Verizon's current President and COO Denny Strigl fleeing the coop after 41 years in the telecom industry, the ILEC has decided not to hire a replacement but instead combine its residential and

Verizon: Metered broadband is on the horizon

During this week's Fiber to the Home Council trade show, Verizon's CTO Dick Lynch intimated that metered billing for broadband services could become a reality. As one of the first Verizon executives

Economic recovery? Not so fast, say telecom leaders

Economic whiz kid Ben Bernanke be signaling that we have seen the worst of the current economic recession, but the two largest U.S. telcos (AT&T and Verizon) think otherwise. Speaking at

Verizon to axe more jobs

Verizon's Chief Financial Officer John Killian is not sugarcoating what's in store for the ILEC's workforce: more job cuts are coming. During an investor conference late last week, Killian said

Comcast brings DOCSIS 3.0 to the Windy City

Comcast can now put another point in its DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade wins column. The MSO announced this week that it completed its DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade in its greater Chicago area market, including Northwest