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Latest Headlines

Verizon touts advantages of FTTH over cable in new ad on eve of consolidating wireline footprint

Verizon has begun running a new TV ad campaign highlighting the difference between its FTTH network and cable, a move that comes as the service provider pares down its wireline network footprint to the Northeast.

AT&T, CenturyLink, other ILECs can steal SMB share from cable competitors, thanks to fiber

With all of the talk about 1 Gbps for residential customers, it's hard to notice how these services can impact small to medium businesses (SMBs) whose needs are exceeding the boundaries of a copper-based T-1 or DSL line. It should be of no surprise that many telcos, including AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon are luring SMBs with fiber-based offerings.

Verizon tightens bond with FiOS users by doubling wireless data allotments

Verizon is looking to enhance its relationship with existing and new FiOS customers in the Northeast by doubling data allotments for its wireless services on the eve of completing its sale of its wireline properties in three states to Frontier.

Verizon doubles data allotments for mobile users in new FiOS promotion in Northeast US

Verizon is offering to double the monthly mobile data allotments for new and existing wireless customers in the Northeast U.S. who also sign up for the company's FiOS service.

Verizon bites back at N.J. Rate Counsel over its opposition to copper retirement

Verizon says the lone opposition from the State of New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel to its proposal to transfer existing landline voice service customers from copper to fiber in its Bloomfield and New Brunswick, N.J., wire centers is "without merit."

Frontier says adopting Verizon bundles, pricing structure will enable smooth transition in acquired markets

A Frontier executive reiterated recently that when it completes the cutover of the Verizon wireline assets it is acquiring in California, Florida and Texas, customers will not see any disruptions.

Verizon and ESPN move closer to settling skinny bundling lawsuit

Lawyers for ESPN and Verizon have told a New York judge that they've made "progress" towards resolving a lawsuit filed last year by the programmer over the Verizon's FiOS skinny bundling strategy.

Verizon's Pennsylvania network conditions could face PUC investigation

Verizon is facing heat about its copper-based wireline network in Pennsylvania as the state's Public Utility Commission gets ready to hold hearings about alleged unsafe conditions.

Verizon serves up 100 Mbps FiOS triple play to deepen reach in existing markets

Verizon is giving FiOS customers the option to purchase a triple play bundle with 100 Mbps symmetrical speeds for $69 a month, reflecting its recognition that consumers want higher speeds as it winds down its FTTH roll out.

Verizon gets call for FiOS from the Bronx's Co-Op City development

Verizon is facing another call for FiOS in New York City, this time from a group of elected officials and residents in the Bronx borough's Co-Op City development, where 72 percent of the residents are interested in getting the FTTH-based service.