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Latest Headlines

Verizon plugs $80 monthly FiOS triple play

Verizon began running ads over the weekend for a FiOS promotion in which it is offering its triple-play package for just $79.99 monthly for the first year of service.

Verizon cuts 600,000 repair calls thanks to 'chronic' customer migration plan

Verizon continues to make progress with migrating what it calls "chronic" copper customers to its FiOS fiber to the home network, an effort that helped it eliminate 600,000 repair dispatches in 2013 alone.

Verizon's Shammo: Customers are buying FiOS speeds of 50 Mbps, above

Verizon may have halted further builds of its FiOS network into new markets, but where it is converting problem copper-based customers to the fiber-based service it's finding that customers like purchasing speeds of 50 Mbps and higher.

Verizon's FiOS TV app to launch on Xbox One

Verizon Communications' FiOS TV will launch an app on Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console that is set to make its retail debut Nov. 22. The app is one of 19 entertainment apps set to launch on the Xbox One between Nov. 22 and spring 2014 but is the only pay-TV provider app announced so far.

Verizon wins franchise to expand FiOS in Massachusetts town

Verizon signed a new franchise deal with the town of Raynham, Mass., which will see it complete its FiOS Network in the town, which is a short drive from both Boston and Providence, R.I.

Verizon brings FiOS service to Raynham, Mass. consumers and businesses

The town of Raynham, Mass., will get Verizon FiOS service after the town's board of selectmen signed a local franchise agreement with the telco. While it has largely halted new FiOS rollouts, including larger cities such as Boston, a spokesperson for the carrier said that Verizon decided to complete its buildout of the surrounding area.

Verizon signs FiOS Quantum marketing pact with NFL team

Verizon struck a marketing deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which will see its FiOS Quantum and live mobile video products promoted at the NFL team's home games.

Verizon's SMB play faces challenge from cable in non-FiOS markets

Verizon FiOS once again was the star in the carrier's Q3 wireline portfolio, driving up revenues 13.4 percent to $2.8 billion, but it sees potential in extending the service to more small to medium businesses. Just how big is the SMB opportunity for wireline operators offering high speed services? What obstacles stand in their way?

Verizon bucks Q3 seasonal trend as FiOS drives wireline revenues to $3.7B

Verizon's Q3 2013 FiOS broadband revenues rose 13.4 percent to $2.8 billion during a quarter that's normally known for seasonal broadband net subscriber losses.

Are Verizon's M&A moves hindering its DVR rollouts?

Verizon may have grand plans for its six-tuner DVR that it announced in late 2011, but today it's unclear when that device will be deployed in customers' homes.