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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink seeks FCC approval to shut down Frame Relay, ATM service

CenturyLink is seeking to shut down its legacy Frame Relay and ATM services in both its Embarq and CenturyTel affiliate regions, reflecting the service provider industry's ongoing shift to IP-based Ethernet business services. It filed a similar application for its Qwest affiliate last year.

AT&T dedicates $800M to increase Oklahoma U-verse, on-net fiber footprint

AT&T has allocated nearly $800 million to expand its U-verse and on-net fiber footprint to more business locations in Oklahoma, relfecting its dedication to completing its multi-billion dollar Project VIP initiative.

Global Capacity delivers Frame Relay migration path for businesses

Global Capacity on Monday unveiled a new service solution that will allow business customers to migrate from legacy Frame Relay services to a private IP network solution.

Maintaining Ethernet QoS: A challenge and an opportunity

Maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) has always been a challenge and an opportunity for service providers delivering Ethernet services to business customers. While service providers know that

Insight Research: Private line services to rebound in 2013

The $36 billion private line service segment might not see much growth in 2011, but the continual growth of new 4G wireless, IP-based wireline business and residential services will drive new demands

ADVA beats Q1 2010 earnings guidance

While service provider's spending cutbacks have hurt much of the telecom equipment industry, ADVA Optical Networking held its own in Q1 2010. ADVA Optical Networking's Q1 2010 revenues of $83.7

Sprint's Q1 wireline results illustrate IP network growing pains

Sprint's (NYSE: S) wireline unit once again showed the inevitable near-term losses all wireline providers are seeing as customers migrate off off TDM-based services to IP in Q1 2010. Evidence of

IP migration puts temporary dent into private line revenue

Private line services have enjoyed years of steady growth, but it appears that the $34 billion market segment is about to enter a short period of decline. While enterprises and wireless operators

AT&T: Wireless, IP-based data drive Q4 09 performance

With over 2.7 new subscribers coming aboard, it's clear the star for AT&T in Q4 09 was wireless, driving its profits up 26 percent during the quarter. At the same time, it's hard to ignore the