Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Frontier sued for alleged misuse of $40.5M in federal broadband stimulus funds

Frontier's woes in West Virginia have come to a new head as competitive provider Citynet is suing the telco over abusing $40.5 million in federal stimulus funds to build a broadband network that would lock out competitors in the state.

AT&T adds just 74K broadband subscribers in Q2, but expects year-end bounce back

AT&T may be one of the largest telco broadband players, but in the second quarter the service provider saw total broadband subscriber additions drop significantly-- a factor it says is related to seasonality.

Google Fiber holds off on Portland 1 Gig launch, may be exploring other service options

Google Fiber's mission to bring 1 Gbps service to Portland, Oregon, has hit another snag. The service provider is going to delay the buildout for the near future, according to a group of contractors and others close to Google Fiber that would be working to build out the fiber network.

CenturyLink, Frontier will need to increase capital to compete with Charter and Comcast

CenturyLink and Frontier are going to face more powerful competitive forces in Charter Communications and Comcast, two cable operators that have been increasing their network footprints via acquisitions and organic builds while upping broadband speeds in multiple markets.

CenturyLink, Frontier lead new special access coalition targeting BDS proposal

CenturyLink, Frontier Communications and a group of service providers have formed the "Invest in Broadband for America" coalition as the latest effort to encourage FCC to reconsider its business data services proposal.

Frontier, Charter battle over service advertising claims

After struggling through a challenging integration process from the properties it acquired from with the Verizon in April, Frontier is battling with Charter over advertisements related to service quality claims.

Henkels & McCoy: Municipalities are embracing micotrenching, but cost remains a factor

Microtrenching  may have been around for over a decade to lay fiber conduit and other utility lines, but only now are construction companies like  Henkels  & McCoy seeing more municipalities embrace it.

Frontier cites declining interest in National Discount Plan, asks for more time on revisions

Frontier Communications has asked the FCC for more time to revise its National Discount Plan (NDP) so it can provide more information about how its updates would affect existing and future customers.

Frontier backs AT&T's Louisville, Ky. pole access lawsuit blocking Google Fiber

Frontier may not have any presence in the Louisville, Kentucky market, but the telco is pledging its support for an AT&T lawsuit that's seeking to block an ordinance that would give Google Fiber a streamlined utility pole process.

Frontier wins sponsorship agreement with Tampa Bay Buccaneers following rocky Florida debut

Frontier Communications has signed a multiyear sponsorship deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team, cementing more of its presence in Florida following a troubled entrance after its acquisition of Verizon's wireline assets in April.