Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the reach of fiber within a home, e.g., a box on the outside wall of a house. FTTH comes from the family of “fiber to the x” terms that describe various types of broadband network architecture that use optical fiber to replace some or all of a metal local loop used for last mile telecommunications.

FTTH, like FTTB, is a form of fiber to the premise. More specifically, FTTH is a form of fiber optic communication delivery wherein the fiber reaches from a central office location to a subscriber’s working or living area. Once in the subscriber’s home, this signal can be conveyed in any number of ways including wireless, coaxial cable, power line communication, twisted pair, or optical fiber. FTTB, on the other hand, refers to a fiber optic communication delivery that terminates before reaching the workspace itself and is used to provide access to an entire building. FTTH technology allows users to access faster speeds than cable and DSL.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Bell Aliant extends FTTH to 5 new communities, updates download/upload speeds

Bell Aliant on Wednesday announced it will extend its FibreOP Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service targeting residential and business customers in five new Atlantic Canadian communities.

AFL’s new expansion initiative targets Brazil’s FTTH growth

AFL, a provider of fiber optic equipment, on Monday announced it is expanding its presence in Brazil to take advantage of emerging Fiber to the Home opportunities in the country.

Bell Aliant extends FibreOP FTTH network Edmundston, NB

Bell Aliant on Tuesday revealed that Edmundston, New Brunswick, is the latest city in the region to get access to its Fiber to the Home network.

Business: The other 'underserved' broadband market

There has been no shortage of efforts to bring broadband to more consumers--including the FCC's CAF-I initiative and Google's community FTTH project in Kansas City. While these initiatives are both promising, neither addresses another obvious problem: the lack of affordable high-speed broadband services for businesses.

Bell Aliant Q2 revenue down 0.7 percent, but FTTH, IPTV expansion continues

Bell Aliant's IP service growth pains continued into the second quarter of 2012, as the service provider's operating revenue dropped 0.7 percent to CAD 688 million (USD 675 million) due to declines in traditional local and long distance voice revenues.

Report: Google could extend FTTH to other cities

Google may be close to finally revealing prices and availability for its pilot community Fiber to the Home network in Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan., but its ambition could stretch into other parts of the country.

Swisscom launches ambitious 5-year FTTH plan

Swisscom, Switzerland's incumbent telco, has launched an aggressive five-year plan to bring Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services to Laussane.

Bharat Telecom crafts ambitious FTTH initiative

India's Bharat Telecom Limited moves forward with an ambitious FTTH service plan for Mauritius' residential and business customers.

Orange to build FTTH network in Spain

Orange Spain plans to build out a FTTH network that will be capable of delivering 100 Mbps speeds to homes and businesses in the country's major cities.

China Telecom turns to Alcatel-Lucent for FTTH network expansion

China Telecom (NYSE: CHA) has set an ambitious plan to build out a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network across 31 of the country's provinces. To make this network reality, the service provider has