Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the reach of fiber within a home, e.g., a box on the outside wall of a house. FTTH comes from the family of “fiber to the x” terms that describe various types of broadband network architecture that use optical fiber to replace some or all of a metal local loop used for last mile telecommunications.

FTTH, like FTTB, is a form of fiber to the premise. More specifically, FTTH is a form of fiber optic communication delivery wherein the fiber reaches from a central office location to a subscriber’s working or living area. Once in the subscriber’s home, this signal can be conveyed in any number of ways including wireless, coaxial cable, power line communication, twisted pair, or optical fiber. FTTB, on the other hand, refers to a fiber optic communication delivery that terminates before reaching the workspace itself and is used to provide access to an entire building. FTTH technology allows users to access faster speeds than cable and DSL.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Utah lawmakers propose anti-municipal broadband provider legislation

Utah has become the latest municipal broadband battleground as the state is looking at a new law that could inhibit the growth of public-based municipal broadband networks, reports  ars technica.

Verizon gives new FiOS triple-play customers two-year price lock

Verizon is looking to entice more FiOS Fiber to the Home (FTTH) subscribers by offering new triple-play customers the chance to lock their monthly rate for two years if they sign up for service before April 19.

Bell Aliant FTTH subs reach 184,000 mark in Q4 2013

Bell Aliant's Fiber to the Home (FTTH)  FibreOP  subscriber base topped 185,000 during the fourth quarter as it added 18,000 fiber-based Internet customers.

BT's fiber-based subs top 1.9M in Q3

BT's fiber broadband customers reached the 1.9 million mark, up 14 percent, after adding 228,000 net retail customers in its third quarter. The telco now passes over 18 million U.K. premises with its fiber-based broadband network.

TDS extends broadband to rural customers in Idaho, Washington and Wisconsin

TDS Telecom has reached another milestone in its ongoing broadband stimulus program by completing portions of four new projects that will extend service to more than 2,600 hard-to-serve customers.

Marlin to merge Tellabs, Coriant operations, separate access division

Coriant and Tellabs are set to start new lives as their new owner Marlin Equity Partners is merging the two companies and forming one common leadership team.

BT dedicates $82.5M to bring fiber broadband to 400,000 more locations

BT is so bullish on fiber-based broadband that it plans to spend $82.5 million to make the service available to 400,000 additional premises in more than 30 cities over the next three years.

SaskTel extends Internet service to four new rural communities

SaskTel is continuing on its mission to bring basic DSL to the rural markets it serves by delivering the service to the areas of Bruno, Annaheim, Elbow and Middle Lake.

Verizon touts OTT vision with OnCue deal, but will it become reality?

Verizon's move to purchase Intel's OTT service OnCue is promising in that it could give the incumbent telco another tool to deliver services over both its existing FiOS network and over the top to any device. However, there are questions about just how serious it is about the OTT TV opportunity. Josh Wein, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines the possibilities in his latest Editor's Corner. 

Google Fiber invites residents to sign up for 1 Gbps FTTH service

Google Fiber has told residents who live in Provo, Utah, that they can now sign up for its new 1 Gbps Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service.