Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the reach of fiber within a home, e.g., a box on the outside wall of a house. FTTH comes from the family of “fiber to the x” terms that describe various types of broadband network architecture that use optical fiber to replace some or all of a metal local loop used for last mile telecommunications.

FTTH, like FTTB, is a form of fiber to the premise. More specifically, FTTH is a form of fiber optic communication delivery wherein the fiber reaches from a central office location to a subscriber’s working or living area. Once in the subscriber’s home, this signal can be conveyed in any number of ways including wireless, coaxial cable, power line communication, twisted pair, or optical fiber. FTTB, on the other hand, refers to a fiber optic communication delivery that terminates before reaching the workspace itself and is used to provide access to an entire building. FTTH technology allows users to access faster speeds than cable and DSL.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Bell Aliant spends $11.6M to bring FTTH service to 5 Newfoundland, Labrador markets

Bell Aliant is dedicating $11.6 million in capital to bring its FibreOP fiber to the home service to an additional 21,000 homes and businesses in Newfoundland.

Multi-vendor GPON networks benefit from interoperability, certification, report says

GPON may be the top fiber to the home technology, but a new report from Informa says that interoperability and certification of network elements will drive further expansion of multi-vendor networks.

AT&T, Charter face new challenger from Alabama town's 1 Gbps-capable FTTH network

AT&T and Charter Communications will now have to deal with another fiber to the home competitor in Alabama as Opelika Power Services got city council approval for the rates on its new set of broadband services.

CenturyLink to extend 1 Gbps FTTH service to Las Vegas

CenturyLink has named Las Vegas as the next location for its 1 Gbps-capable fiber to the home broadband service.

Verizon riles Boston mayor with FiOS commercial as it hunts regulatory relief in Mass.

Verizon wants Massachusetts lawmakers to see it as a tech company with a phone service, but it might have a hard time proving its case thanks to a commercial that touts its biggest technology play, FiOS, in a city where it's unavailable, Boston.

C Spire adds 1 Gbps FTTH to its service roster

C Spire, an alternative wireless and business services provider, is the latest service provider to enter the 1 Gbps fiber to the home arena with a focus on serving the Mississippi market.

AT&T's Stephenson: We'll equip other markets with FTTH

AT&T hasn't given an exact timeline when they will start offering consumers 1 Gbps-capable fiber to the home services in Austin, but the company is keen on replicating the model in other markets.

Has Google Fiber set the pace for 1 Gig FTTH pricing?

Google Fiber's 1 Gbps Fiber to the Home (FTTH) initiative is still in an embryonic state, but it's clearly having an effect on how other service providers price and package their broadband offerings.

Google Fiber, AT&T, CenturyLink drive the 1 Gbps game

Google's 1 Gbps fiber to the premises buildout may only be a blip on the broadband screen, but the one thing it has done is tout the importance of bandwidth speeds to consumers. And that's drawn the attention of Tier 1 providers and cable operators alike.

Bell Aliant FTTH passes 725,000 premises in second quarter

Bell Aliant continued to make progress with its FibreOP fiber to the home rollout in Q2, passing an additional 45,000 premises to reach a total of 725,000 premises as of the end of June.