Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the reach of fiber within a home, e.g., a box on the outside wall of a house. FTTH comes from the family of “fiber to the x” terms that describe various types of broadband network architecture that use optical fiber to replace some or all of a metal local loop used for last mile telecommunications.

FTTH, like FTTB, is a form of fiber to the premise. More specifically, FTTH is a form of fiber optic communication delivery wherein the fiber reaches from a central office location to a subscriber’s working or living area. Once in the subscriber’s home, this signal can be conveyed in any number of ways including wireless, coaxial cable, power line communication, twisted pair, or optical fiber. FTTB, on the other hand, refers to a fiber optic communication delivery that terminates before reaching the workspace itself and is used to provide access to an entire building. FTTH technology allows users to access faster speeds than cable and DSL.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Comcast follows Google Fiber's $70 plan in Atlanta, but price comes with a contract catch

Comcast is beginning a 1 Gbps advanced trial for residential and business customers in Atlanta, laying a competitive challenge to Google Fiber with its own similarly priced 1 Gbps service. But while the cable MSO is following Google's pricing scheme, it's not without a catch.

Google Fiber battles AT&T, Comcast for utility pole access in Silicon Valley

Google Fiber is facing yet another battle over utility pole access in California's desirable Silicon Valley with AT&T and Comcast, who say that the service provider has no right to access those facilities.

TDS Telecom says it has overcome 9-state outage, but customers still reporting issues

TDS says it has resolved a network outage that affected its broadband and IPTV customers in several states that began yesterday.

AT&T, Verizon, other top telcos lose 185K broadband subs in 2015 as cable surges ahead

AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink and other top telcos lost about 185,000 subscribers in 2015-- the first year where telcos saw net broadband subscriber losses – while cable took a comfortable lead with 3.3 million new broadband customers.

CenturyLink, AT&T take Ethernet, fiber-based service aim at smaller businesses

AT&T and CenturyLink are finding that while their FTTH rollouts enable them to offer up to 1 Gbps speeds to consumers, their builds can be a weapon to more effectively battle cable on the small to medium business (SMB) front.

Google Fiber secures pole deals with Oregon utilities, signaling FTTH buildout intentions

Google Fiber has struck deals with Oregon utility companies Portland General Electric and Pacific Power to get access to their poles to install fiber, overcoming a major barrier to deploy FTTH services in the state.

Hawaiian Telcom uses 1 Gig services to battle Time Warner Cable for SMB dollars

Hawaiian Telcom continues to extend its 1 Gbps GPON-based fiber broadband service to more residential customers, but the service provider is also seeing an opportunity to battle Time Warner Cable for small business customers.

AT&T's Stephens says 'holistic' fiber buildout will address business, wireless backhaul needs

AT&T's ongoing FTTH rollout may be designed to provide consumers and businesses with higher speeds, but the service provider is seeing additional benefits from build.

Hawaiian Telcom passes 190K homes with fiber

Hawaiian Telcom is taking charge of its next-gen broadband rollout, passing an additional 7,000 Oahu households with FTTH in the fourth quarter to bring its total to 190,000.

Lumos' FTTH connections rise 39% in RLEC territory

Lumos Networks may be mulling how to break itself into two separate companies-- the metro fiber company and its rural local exchange carrier operation-- but the provider continues to make progress with expanding its FTTP-based broadband customer base.