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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink's Ewing: Fiber-based backhaul revenue will start to surpass displaced TDM circuits by the end of 2014

CenturyLink may finally be seeing light at the end of the legacy to next-gen Ethernet-based fiber to the tower (FTTT) revenue migration.

Biltz: Lumos' focus on customers key to its transformation to a fiber-centric provider

Tim Biltz, president and CEO of Lumos Networks, may have spent much of his career in the wireless industry, but that experience prepared him to help transform the once rural-only telco into a major provider of fiber-based services for enterprises and wireless operators.

DukeNet bolsters FTTT initiative with connections to 3,500 cell sites

DukeNet, a regional provider, now reaches over 3,500 cell sites as part of its growing fiber to the tower program that provides services to a number of the top wireless operators.

CenturyLink's Ewing: We'll bring fiber to 19-20,000 towers this year

CenturyLink may not provide its own wireless services, but with a fiber network connected to over 16,700 towers in its footprint the telco continues to be a big enabler of wireless operators.

FairPoint's Sunu: We'll connect 1,000 towers with our fiber in 2013

FairPoint Communications has set an aggressive fiber to the tower buildout strategy to reach over 1,000 towers with fiber by the end of the year. But the telco is not an advocate of the build-it-and-they-will-come approach, according to CEO Paul Sunu.

AT&T, Verizon, others hone their wireless backhaul skills

The top four wireline operators--AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, and Windstream--have become the natural purveyors of fiber to the tower services for wireless operators that need to higher speed backhaul services to accommodate the growth of their existing 3G and 4G LTE networks. Just how big is the FTTT opportunity?

CenturyLink's Ewing: FTTT will stabilize revenue in 2014, reduce maintenance costs

CenturyLink's chief financial officer said that its aggressive fiber to the tower plans will help it stabilize revenue and reduce maintenance costs.

Windstream's Gardner: Our wholesale team needs to sell more than wireless backhaul

Jeff Gardner, president and CEO of Windstream told investors this week that while the telco's wholesale sales force has been successful in selling fiber to the tower services, they will focus more on selling other network services.

Lumos Networks' enterprise, FTTT gains drive up revenue to $52.5 million

Lumos Networks' continued expansion into IP-based business and wholesale services, particularly fiber to the tower services for wireless operators, drove up Q1 2013 revenues year-over-year to $52.5 million.

Report: Lumos could become acquisition target, but not in 2013

Lumos Networks, a regional service provider that has been gaining traction in the business and wholesale market selling fiber-based Ethernet services, could be an attractive acquisition target, says Cowan and Company in a report.