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Latest Headlines

Nokia hacker payment turns spotlight onto mobile malware

Finnish police confirmed they are investigating reports that Nokia was blackmailed by hackers who threatened to expose the encryption code used in the company's now defunct Symbian operating system.

Chromecast viewers are engaging more, not less, Videostream says

Is Google Chromecast usage really flattening out, as a recent Parks Associates study suggested? App developer Videostream doesn't agree, saying Chromecast owners are increasing the frequency and time spent using the device.

T-Mobile requiring Android smartphones to pass Apkudo app testing

Suppliers of Google Android smartphones to T-Mobile US have a new hoop to jump through before they can win device approval from the operator. Apkudo announced that pre-release Android handsets will have to pass its application platform testing starting this month.

Rumor Mill: Google to launch Google Fit health tracking service

Google is planning to follow Apple in the mobile health monitoring market and will launch a service called Google Fit to collect and aggregate data from fitness trackers and health apps, according to a Forbes report.

Google Fiber gets green light to operate network in Portland, Ore.

Google Fiber overcame a major hurdle in bringing its service to Portland, Ore., as the City Council voted 5-0 to approve a franchise agreement, reports the  Portland Business Journal.

Google's $500M Skybox buy could fuel Internet access or satellite imaging efforts

Google announced it will pay $500 million in cash to acquire Skybox Imaging, but there is a great deal of debate over what it will actually use the satellite imaging company's technology for.

Google's Chromecast falling short of world TV domination

When it debuted in July, Google's Chromecast was widely pondered to be true game-changer that would help video streaming be more widely adopted. Eleven months later, as FierceOnlineVideo 's Samantha Bookman points out, mainstream online video adoption is indeed occuring, but it isn't necessarily being driven by Chromecast.

Chromecast usage dips, sales flatten out, report says

Google has a sizable stake in the online-streaming-device market with its Chromecast streaming stick, but use of the device in the United States dipped in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the last two quarters of 2013, a Parks Associates study reveals.

Verizon FiOS speed drops in Netflix ISP index, despite peering deal

What's the deal, Verizon? Most observers--and Netflix, surely--expected that the SVOD provider's streaming performance over Verizon's FiOS network would improve, now that Netflix is paying Verizon for preferred bandwidth. But the carrier's average streaming speeds instead dropped two places in Netflix's monthly speed index.

Is Google cooking up an Android answer to Apple's iBeacon technology?

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its Android platform that mirrors many aspects of Apple's location-aware iBeacon technology, according to an  Android Police  report.