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Latest Headlines

Hawaiian Telcom's Q3 2011 revenues decline to $97M; broadband, business gain

Hawaiian Telcom's (Nasdaq: HCOM) former troubles continue to be nothing more than a footnote in its history, but ongoing landline losses drove down Q3 revenues to $97 million, down from $101.5

Hawaiian Telcom union workers strike over new contract concessions

It looks like Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) union workers aren't the only ones unhappy with the terms of their contract as Hawaiian Telcom's (Nasdaq: HCOM) main union, the International Brotherhood of

Hawaiian Telcom completes amendment of $30M credit facility

Hawaiian Telcom (Nasdaq: HCOM) continues to make progress as a reborn company with the completion of an amendment and extension of its $30 million revolving credit facility. "We are very pleased with

Hawaii sets 1 Gbps broadband delivery goal

Hawaii thinks that its Internet consumers should be able to get a 1 Gbps connection, and in order to reach that speed goal launched the Hawaii Broadband Initiative, which aims to make very-high-speed

Hawaiian Telcom surges to second straight quarterly profit

Now that the dark days of bankruptcy are behind it, Hawaiian Telcom (Nasdaq: HCOM) appears to be making up for lost time, posting its second consecutive quarterly profit this week. The company, which

Hawaiian Telcom stays mum about its IPTV strategy

Hawaiian Telcom may be determined to take on the state's near-monopoly video provider Oceanic Time Warner with its own IPTV service on Oahu, but does not want to reveal when it is actually going to

Hawaiian Telcom begins trading on NASDAQ

With their Chapter 11 reorganization behind them, Hawaiian Telcom has begun trading on NASDAQ under the symbol HCOM. Eric K. Yeaman, Hawaiian Telcom's President and CEO, said in a statement, "Trading

Albany, Ga. utility gives up on competitive cable TV service provider

The Albany (Ga.) Water, Gas and Light Commission has tabled its plans to be a local cable TV provider in partnership with L2Networks and will now go "in a different direction," the utility's general

Hawaiian Telcom's TV franchise allows it to compete against Oceanic Time Warner

The days of Oceanic Time Warner's near monopoly on Hawaii's TV may be numbered as it will soon face a new competitor in Hawaiian Telcom, which just received a cable TV license. Last Friday,

State paves way for Hawaiian Telcom to offer cable TV

Hawaiian consumers who believe that cable TV and Time Warner Oceanic are synonyms will get a new way of looking at their TV entertainment options. The Hawaii state Department of Commerce and Consumer