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Latest Headlines

Consolidated's Enventis deal shows ongoing need to diversify its revenue base

Consolidated Communications' move to acquire  fellow independent telco Enventis for $350 million  may not be on par with the blockbuster deals its independent ILEC counterparts CenturyLink and Windstream have made in recent years, but it's significant in that it is a sign of another smaller telco branching out of its all-voice service roots.

Consolidated to acquire Enventis for $350M in stock, enhancing fiber network reach

Consolidated Communications has reached an agreement to acquire all 13.8 million shares of Enventis, formerly HickoryTech, for about $350 million, marking yet another element in the ongoing consolidation of the independent telco market.

Enventis expands cloud services to include Wi-Fi and UC

Enventis, formerly known as HickoryTech, expanded its business cloud services to include a cloud Wi-Fi service, a hosted unified communications service called Cloud Compute and a data protection service. In addition, the company is expanding its SingleLink UC service, which was first introduced about 12 years ago.  

HickoryTech's fiber and data revenue jumps 6 percent to $17.7 million, eases legacy losses

HickoryTech reported that its fiber and data segment was once again the shining star, with revenues rising 6 percent year-over-year to $17.7 million due to an increase in high capacity fiber and data sales to both retail businesses and wholesale carrier customers.

HickoryTech seeks shareholder approval to change name to Enventis

HickoryTech is ready to take on a new identity and it has asked its shareholders to approve its request to change its corporate name to Enventis Corp.

HickoryTech Q4 2013 fiber, data revenue grows 5 percent to $17.3M

HickoryTech's fiber and data revenue continued to operate well in the fourth quarter of 2013 as revenues rose 5 percent to $17.3 million due to 7 percent growth in business revenue and a 3 percent increase in wholesale revenue.

HickoryTech settles DSL patent dispute with Brandywine

HickoryTech has reached a settlement with Brandywine Communications Technologies over six DSL broadband-related patents.

HickoryTech reaffirms outlook as fiber & data revenue rises to $17M

HickoryTech's fiber & data segment continues to be a major driver for the regional telco, rising 8 percent year-over-year to $17 million. Similar to previous quarters, the telco attributes the growth in this segment to an uptick in sales within its business and wholesale services as well as nine months of Fargo operations from its acquisition of Enventis.

HickoryTech to change name to Enventis, establish unified brand

HickoryTech is taking another step toward becoming an IP-based services provider by aligning all of its products under its Enventis brand. The service provider plans to ask shareholder approval to change its corporate name to Enventis during its upcoming shareholder meeting in May 2014.

HickoryTech's Enventis wraps up its 430-mile Northern Minnesota middle-mile project

Enventis, HickoryTech's (Nasdaq: HTCO) business services subsidiary, has completed the build out of the $21 million Greater Minnesota Broadband Collaborative Project, a middle-mile network that...