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Latest Headlines

IEEE launches projects to address 50, 100 and 200 Gbps Ethernet speed services

IEEE has initiated two new 802.3 Ethernet projects aimed at advancing 50, 100, and 200 Gbps Ethernet speed services while extending the reach of 25 Gbps Ethernet services. The new projects will also modify the existing IEEE P802.3bs 400 Gbps Ethernet project.

IEEE forms NG-EPON, storage working standards groups

IEEE has formed two new study groups to better understand the future of Passive Optical Network and network storage.

IEEE proposes standard to increase Ethernet speeds on existing Cat 5-6 cabling

A new IEEE proposed standard that it says will boost Ethernet speeds over category 5e and 6 cabling show there's still plenty of life in twisted pair wiring.

Offloading LTE data is driving IEEE's 802.11HEW effort

Wi-Fi advancements in the past have focused primarily on improving data speeds. But IEEE's 802.11HEW initiative instead is targeting the efficiency and performance of wireless local area networks to make them even better complements to LTE-based mobile networks.

Government involvement in cloud computing standards: a positive move

Ask 10 people if they have heard about cloud computing. They will say yes. Ask them what is cloud computing, and they will give you 10 different perspectives. Given the different perspectives around the term itself, one of the positive roles that the U.S. government has assumed is striving to define what cloud computing is.

Standards groups look at what lies beyond 100G

Even as a host of incumbent, competitive and Research & Education (R&E) players are building out 100G optical networks, there's already growing talk about 400G and even Tbps speeds.

Sizing up telecom's influence on the utility industry and smart grid development

As the electric utility industry works to develop the smart grid, what can these utilities glean from telecom providers' experiences developing and monetizing their technologies in the broadband era?

HomePlug Powerline Alliance introduces AV2 specification

HomePlug Powerline Alliance has made yet another stride forward in the home networking race that leverages existing powerline wires with the introduction of its new AV2 specification. The new AV2

Broadband over powerline last mile networks: more hype than hope

Once heralded by former FCC leader Michael Powell as "great broadband hope," broadband over powerline (BPL) has become the "great broadband hype" now that International Broadband Electric

HomePlug Powerline Alliance endorses IEEE's hybrid home networking standard

In the latest home networking "no new wires" battle, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance has voiced its support for the IEEE's new catchall home networking standard--IEEE P1905. Similar to the G.hn