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Latest Headlines

U.S. refuses to sign WCIT-12 treaty; controversial document gives ITU more Internet control

As the WCIT-12 conference in Dubai moved into its final two days, the U.S. delegation announced that it will not sign the revised international telecommunication regulations (ITRs).

WCIT-12 plagued by network outage as U.S. House resolves to oppose UN control of Internet

As delegates at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) affirmed Article 19 of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights regarding freedom of speech, the U.S. House of Representatives made its own symbolic gesture, voting to adopt a resolution that calls on the U.S. government to oppose United Nations control of the Internet.

At ITU's Dubai conference, what's not being said about Internet freedom rings loudest

The United States and Internet freedom advocates worldwide have sounded the alarm about the WCIT conference being held in Dubai from Dec. 3-14. At stake, they say, is the right to free and unrestricted expression, and the foundation of the Internet itself. But to hear the ITU talk about it, this historic conference is really nothing important.

5 nightmares that keep telecom executives up at night

What are some of the most nerve-wracking industry issues that telcos and wireline service providers face? Here are five top nail-biters.

U.S. makes it official, opposes revised Internet regulations

It's not exactly sabre rattling—more like fiber rattling—but the United States will brook only "minimal" changes to existing rules governing the Internet when those changes are brought up for discussion at an ITU conference in December.

Battling rogue websites with new regulations

Last November the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act" (COICA) by a bipartisan vote of 19-0. The bill specifically targets "rogue" websites,

Comcast-NBCU in middle of FCC's new net neutrality push

Here's one more reason for the telecommunications space to wince at the Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)-NBC Universal merger. When Congressman Henry Waxman tossed up his hands and threw the issue of net

FCC colors in white spaces, opens spectrum for 'super WiFi'

As expected, the FCC opened up the unused spectrum between broadcast channels--commonly known as white spaces--for high-speed broadband and what some are calling "super WiFi." The spectrum will be

FCC shifts into reverse on net neutrality

To paraphrase President Reagan: "There they go again." While not conceding any such thing, the FCC has apparently shifted into reverse when it comes to net neutrality and is now going backwards

Net neutrality debate swallowed in political morass

Net neutrality, always a peripheral political football, has moved right to the 50-yard-line as the two sides in the contest cease any efforts to mask their partisan intentions. For instance, a plan