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Latest Headlines

Level 3's Patel: Cable faces cultural, network challenges to compete for large businesses

Level 3 is aware that cable operators like Comcast are making a move to advance into the larger business markets, but the service provider sees that the sector has a number of challenges it will have to overcome to be a viable threat.

Gogo Wireless CEO: 2016 will be ramp year for 2Ku in-flight Wi-Fi technology

Gogo Wireless' No. 1 goal is to get its new and improved 2Ku technology on more planes, with 2016 being a ramp year, according to the company's CEO.

Netflix shares slip on Sarandos' comments over content rights issues

Leading SVOD provider Netflix saw its shares dip slightly this week immediately following an appearance by Ted Sarandos, head of content, at an investor conference in which he said the company has faced some resistance from content owners as it negotiates for global content rights.

CenturyLink says GPON, CAF-II will reverse its broadband subscriber slump

CenturyLink may have seen their overall broadband subscriber base dip in the third quarter, but the service provider is confident that a mix of technologies and promotions can get it back on the growth path.

Consolidated sees growing momentum in small cell backhaul

Wireless operators may have blanketed much of their towers with fiber, but Consolidated Communications is still seeing potential in large macro builds and growing potential in small cells.

Verizon's Shammo says comments about enterprise business are baseless

Rumors about the sale of Verizon's remaining wireline and enterprise assets have emerged in recent days, but CFO Fran Shammo maintains that it plans to hold onto the assets.

Windstream's Thomas: We see an opportunity to reduce $1B in special access spending

As Windstream looks to grow its market share in the enterprise services space, the service provider has set a goal to reduce spending on special access fees to the ILECs like AT&T and Verizon where it does not have its own last mile network facilities.

CenturyLink's Ewing optimistic on second half of 2015, is considering tiered pricing

CenturyLink has seen declines in revenue in its wholesale business and a continuing drop in the number of voice access lines on the consumer side, but the telecommunications service provider expects to see improvement in its bottom line over the second half of the year, CFO Stewart Ewing told investors.

YouTube CEO: Our 'watch time' is growing 50% year-on-year

ASPEN, Colo.--Although YouTube has a growing number of innovative competitors, CEO Susan Wojcicki says that she isn't worried as long as YouTube is growing and users are engaged. Specifically, she noted that YouTube users, which now top 1 billion globally, are growing 50 percent year-on-year.

AT&T's Stephenson: Google Fiber 'changed the game' for broadband buildout, but Title II rules could stall efforts

While AT&T's deployment of 1 Gbps fiber in Austin, Texas, is going well, Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO of the carrier, credits Google with making the rollout a commercial success. "When Google went into Kansas City and Austin, it changed the game for the industry … in a very peculiar way," he said at a Boston investor conference Monday.