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Latest Headlines

TiVo isn't exiting the retail business anytime soon, Chopra says

DVR pioneer TiVo may be driving its product into the cable and satellite market, but it still sees retail sales, particularly of its new OTT-integrated Roamio DVR, as key to the company's business model.

Bewkes isn't worried about Dish's new OTT service

It's not going to be big enough to worry about. That was the essential message put forth by Time Warner Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes Thursday, while talking about Dish Network's new over-the-top venture at the Sanford Bernstein Strategic Decisions conference in New York

WWE's Barrios: We can't underestimate impact of shift to online video

WWE began thinking about a bigger online presence more than three years ago, an idea that came to fruition as WWE Network, its hugely popular subscription video on demand and live streaming service. But the company's shift from pay-per-view to online has had a few challenges, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer George Barrios told investors.

AT&T's Stephens: DirecTV deal will create synergies in set-top boxes, advertising and content

AT&T's proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV  is not just about streamlining content costs and creating a platform for delivering video content to multiple screens. According to a top AT&T executive, the deal will also create synergies in advertising, set-top box development, billing and more.

TiVo's Rogers: Our differentiator is we have everything on one device

DVR pioneer TiVo stands out in the burgeoning device space because its subscribers can get "everything" on a single device, CEO Tom Rogers told investors at a Miami conference, including online video content in the wake of TiVo's recent deals with cable operators including Suddenlink and Grande Communications to provide access to Netflix through their set-top boxes.

Moonves: CBS 'can go OTT' if Aereo wins at Supreme Court

In today's spotlight, FierceOnlineVideo takes a look at how CBS CEO Les Moonves warned attendees at an investor conference that the network could launch its own online video platform if Aereo succeeds in defending copyright infringement lawsuits that have been filed by CBS and other broadcasters.

Verizon's McAdam: FiOS drives up consumer wireline margins

Verizon may have made the final curtain call on FiOS expansion in Greenfield markets, but it is the telco's wireline revenue growth engine in areas where it currently provides the fiber-based service, CEO and Chairman Lowell McAdam told investors on Tuesday.

CenturyLink's Ewing: We're evaluating other areas for FTTH

CenturyLink continues to see upside with the fiber to the home broadband service it offers in Las Vegas and Omaha and hopes to apply what it has learned in other markets.

Frontier's Jureller: We won't spend a lot of capital expanding FiOS

Frontier may be seeing some signs of FiOS video and broadband growth, but don't expect the telco to make a big update or expansion of its fiber anytime soon.

Verizon's McAdam: New FiOS markets are not in the cards

Lowell McAdam, CEO and chairman of Verizon, put another nail into the FiOS expansion idea, saying at an investor conference on Monday that the carrier will continue to focus on expanding service availability in existing markets.