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Latest Headlines

CWA accuses Verizon of abandoning broken wireline facilities in the Northeast

Verizon's largest union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA), is on the warpath again, charging that the telco is not repairing its damaged copper lines in the Northeast, but is instead driving customers to its wireless Voice Link home phone service.

Alcatel-Lucent says VDSL2, vectoring isn't enough to deliver 100 Mbps over existing copper

Alcatel-Lucent may be an advocate of VDSL2 and vectoring, but the Franco American company says that those technologies may be not be enough to overcome interference issues to deliver 100 Mbps and above over existing copper pairs to broadband customers.

ITU: Africa set to double Internet connections by year's end

By the end of 2014, the ITU predicts 40 percent of the global population--approximately 3 billion people--will have access to the Internet in some way, shape or form, with most new users coming from third- or fourth-world nations.

Global wireline broadband growth is slowing, says ITU

Wireline broadband may offer the highest speeds and reliability for consumers, but according to new figures released by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), growth in developing countries is slowing.

G.fast home network standard gets ITU first-stage approval

G.fast, a proposed technology that can theoretically deliver up to 1 Gbps speeds over very short copper loops, has taken another step forward as International Telecommunications Union membership reached first-stage approval of the standards.

Women are a promising "emerging" broadband market, says UN study

With 200 million fewer women online than men today, a new study released by the Broadband Commission Working Group on Broadband and Gender says that there is a "significant and pervasive" technology gap in accessing information and communications technologies.

ITU puts G.fast on track for 2014 approval

The ITU has offered multiple rays of hope for telcos that want to get into the IPTV space but are unwilling or unable to build out fiber infrastructure to deliver the necessary broadband speeds.

G.fast gets ITU first stage approval

G.fast, an emerging last mile technology standard that leverages a telco's existing copper pairs to deliver up to 1 Gbps speeds, got the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU's) first-stage approval during the Study Group 15 meeting it recently held in Geneva.

U.S. refuses to sign WCIT-12 treaty; controversial document gives ITU more Internet control

As the WCIT-12 conference in Dubai moved into its final two days, the U.S. delegation announced that it will not sign the revised international telecommunication regulations (ITRs).

At WCIT-12, UAE submits surprise 'multi-regional' proposal on ITRs

While talks at the World Conference on International Telecommunications continued Friday, indications are that week two could be a good deal more controversial than the event's troubled first week, as the United Arab Emirates announced it will submit a surprise "multi-regional" proposal regarding the International Telecommunication Regulations backed by other Arab states and Russia.