As one of the world’s top six Tier 1 Internet providers to carriers and businesses, Level 3 Communications can trace its roots back to 1985 when it was launched as Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. (KDG), a subsidiary of the 114-year-old construction, mining, information services and communications company Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc. (PKS).

Beginning in late 2005, Level 3 became a telecom service provider consolidator, purchasing the assets of the former WilTel and then in 2006 Progress Telecom, ICG, TelCove and Looking Glass Networks.

Level 3 has become a major player in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) services business by acquiring the likes of SAVVIS and Servecast in 2007.


Level 3 Communications

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Verizon awarded GSA Networx contract extension, prepares for EIS follow-on contract

Verizon has been granted an extension of the General Services Administration's Networx telecom services program, enabling the telco's public sector customers to continue purchasing services while paving a path to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract.

Level 3: Verizon/Incompas proposal will help the FCC establish a sound business data services regulatory regime

Level 3 has put its support behind the joint proposal made by Verizon and Incompas to reform the business data services (BDS) regulatory regime.

Level 3 says FCC should adopt flat-fee methodology to assess terrestrial IBC regulatory fees

Level 3 has asked the FCC to change its methods in assessing terrestrial International Bearer Circuits (IBC) regulatory fees to reflect the fact that they are sold as large data pipes via Ethernet and other media elements.

Level 3 says enterprises continue to run hybrid TDM/IP-based voice networks

Level 3 Communications may be one of the leading advocates of IP-based voice services, but the reality for many of its larger enterprise customers is they are not ready to totally throw out their TDM-based services or infrastructure.

Zayo debuts DDoS mitigation service, protects up to 120G of attacks

Zayo Group is giving its enterprise customers another tool to stay ahead of network attacks with its new Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution.

OTT execs: Industry needs consistent quality of experience standards, effective monitoring tools

NEW YORK-- Standardization of online video quality-- particularly quality of experience-- is more important than ever as more OTT services enter the market, adding to the complexities of video delivery, attendees and panelists at the fourth annual OTT Executive Summit here agreed. The problem: no one can agree yet on what those standards should be.

Level 3 to discontinue some legacy TDM business voice services

Level 3 Communications has asked for the FCC's permission to shut down a number of its legacy voice services in Portland, Oregon, signaling a desire to advance its IP-based cloud services strategy.

Level 3 gets extension on GSA Networx Enterprise contract, gives agencies time for EIS transition

Level 3 Communications has been awarded an extension on the General Services Administration (GSA) Networx Enterprise contract, enabling the service provider to continue to bid on new task orders for telecom services.

Level 3 says business, wholesale voice providers should be able to design privacy solutions

Level 3 Communications says that if the FCC moves to place privacy regulations on wholesale and enterprise voice, the regulator should update the current regulations because the needs of this segment differ from consumer voice services.

Level 3's Storey: We prefer to connect our fiber network to more buildings

Level 3 Communications may be an active participant in the wireless backhaul trend, providing its mix of lit and dark fiber services, but the company's main value is in connecting its facilities to buildings where its business customers reside, its CEO says.