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Latest Headlines

Maryland Sen. Pugh says Baltimore's broadband proposal is 'destructive'

Baltimore's move to hire a consultant to see whether it would make sense to build its own fiber-based broadband network as another option besides Comcast has drawn fire from Maryland Senator Catherine Pugh (D-Md.).

Communities forge ahead with their own broadband initiatives

Continued impatience about when--or if--traditional service providers will start offering ubiquitous broadband connectivity has led state and local governments to take their own steps forward. Oklahoma, for example, will institute a program that expands rural access, and Leverett, Mass., plans to hire a contractor to build a fiber optic network.

Kansas county dumps AT&T, plans own telco and ISP

Douglas County, Kan., is looking to save money by ousting incumbent provider AT&T and reconfiguring its telecommunications setup. The county approved a contract with nonprofit KanREN to serve as its ISP and approved the expenditure of $82,289 to replace phone systems in five remote offices.

Cedar Falls Utilities takes on CenturyLink with 1 Gbps service

Iowa's Cedar Falls Utilities has become the latest municipal provider to offer a 1 Gbps fiber to the premises service, challenging CenturyLink with a much higher speed that the telco can't yet match.

AT&T, CenturyLink face 1 Gbps challenge from Wilson, N.C.-based Greenlight

Greenlight, a municipally-owned service provider in Wilson, N.C., will make its service even more competitive with three area service providers--AT&T, CenturyLink and Time Warner Cable--when it debuts its 1 Gbps service this July.

Google's iProvo purchase draws fire from Utah-based XMission

Google Fiber's move to acquire iProvo, a Utah-based municipal broadband network, for $1 is facing criticism from an independent ISP, XMission, which said the city is giving Google the ability to become a monopoly.

Is municipal broadband worth the cost?

This week, FierceTelecom takes a look at five contenders in the municipal broadband space. It wasn't easy to pick just five--a growing number of communities are taking on the broadband challenge, building out or planning fiber networks to serve residents and attract more businesses. But the cost of this buildout can be crippling for cities, some critics say. Is it worth the cost?

The Contenders: Municipal fiber providers meeting or beating the incumbent competition

In this installment of The Contenders, we take a look at five standout municipal broadband providers. Just a few years ago, municipal broadband looked like a long shot to many communities. But as demand for high-speed connectivity grows, businesses and residents alike are looking to their cities for affordable broadband.

Georgia lawmakers shoot down anti-municipal broadband bill

  The Georgia House of Representatives on Thursday voted not to pass a bill that would prevent local governments from building their own municipal broadband network.

Chattanooga's EPB increases speeds, lowers prices on its FTTH products

EPB Fiber, the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based utility telco service provider known for its 1G Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) service, has realigned the structure of its speed and pricing regime.