Net Neutrality

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Latest Headlines

Report: FCC's proposed middle ground net neutrality rules come under fire

Perhaps not surprisingly, the FCC's newly proposed net neutrality rules, which will allow content providers like Netflix to pay service providers access to consumers, isn't sitting well with a number of consumer advocates.

Netflix call for net neutrality expansion rejected by FCC

There's no joy at Netflix today: The FCC rejected CEO Reed Hastings' request to regulate interconnects between the various networks that make up today's Internet. The online video provider had pushed for the expanded net neutrality rules so that it would no longer have to pay a toll to access Comcast's network.

Commentary: Net neutrality should focus on the Internet peering points, not the last mile

While much of the attention of the net neutrality debates between Netflix and major carriers like Comcast and AT&T have focused on having enough last mile bandwidth to the home, the real problem actually resides in the Internet peering backbone points. Sam Bookman, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines this issue in her latest Editor's Corner.  Read more

Level 3 exec: ISPs are playing a game of Internet 'chicken'

Last-mile ISPs are playing a game of "chicken" with the Internet, daring content providers to use their networks without paying a toll or suffer the consequences of poor service and connectivity to end users, according to a blog posted by Michael Mooney, general counsel-regulatory policy at Level 3 Communications.

The Internet is like this other thing

Washington loves a good analogy almost as much as Silicon Valley, and recent events are providing plenty of fodder for Internet analogies.

FCC to rework existing net neutrality rules, won't appeal Verizon ruling

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to craft a new set of net neutrality rules that will prohibit broadband providers from throttling bandwidth or blocking Internet content from over-the-top providers like Netflix of Amazon, reports  The Washington Post.

Incognito's CEO: 4K video is not a near-term issue for ISPs

Josh Wein, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, recently talked with Stephane Bourque, CEO of Incognito Software, about the challenges that ISPs face delivering online video, such as the prospect of more OTT providers, the adoption of 4K streaming and the wait-and-see approach ISPs are taking to net neutrality in the U.S.

4K not a 2014 concern, says Incognito's Bourque

Stephane Bourque, CEO of Incognito Software, shares his thoughts on the changes in store for ISPs and the over-the-top video landscape in 2014 and beyond. 

Netflix may move to tiered pricing

Netflix said it may soon adopt a new pricing model that will  provide different tiers of service at different price points. 

Court overturns FCC's Open Internet Order

A federal appeals court struck down FCC rules that restricted the way broadband providers could handle Internet content. The court's decision Tuesday could change the way companies like YouTube and Netflix do business with ISPs.