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Latest Headlines

New Zealand's UFB network boasts 55,000 users, ups build target to 80%

New Zealand's ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fiber network service is now being used by over 10 percent of the country's households where the services are available.

Hawaiian Telcom to serve as Hawaiki's submarine cable landing station

New Zealand-based Hawaiki Cable Limited, the owner and developer of Hawaiki submarine cable system, has chosen Hawaiian Telcom to be its landing partner in Hawaii.

New Zealand's Chorus introduces 1 Gbps FTTH community competition

Chorus, New Zealand's incumbent wireline service provider, has taken a cue from Google Fiber's community drive with its "Welcome to Gigatown" competition, which will provide a winning town 1 Gbps fiber to the home speeds.

New Zealand's UFB rollout 20 percent complete, has 3 percent take rate

New Zealand continues to make progress with its ambitious ultra-fast broadband (UFB) program as its network contractors have completed 20 percent of the buildout.

Chorus takes VDSL wholesale while New Zealand fiber rollout ramps up

Telecom New Zealand's network infrastructure partner, Chorus, is keeping its wholesale options open during its ongoing rollout of fiber to the premises service by offering a VDSL solution to providers as an interim step.

New Zealand government's UFB network passes 100,000 homes

Amy Adams, New Zealand's ICT minister, on Thursday said that over 100,000 homes, businesses and schools can connect to the government Ultra Fast Broadband network, up from the 76,000 premises it said the network passed in August.

New Zealand's TeamTalk makes $34.7M bid for Farmside

New Zealand's TeamTalk, the company that operates the CityLink fiber broadband service, on Friday announced a deal to acquire Farmside Group for up to NZD 42.1 million (USD 34.7 million), a move it says will enable it to expand its presence in the rural market.

Kordia, Orcon integrate to become Kordia New Zealand

Kordia Group, a New Zealand-based competitive business provider, on Friday integrated its two main telecom businesses, including Kordia Networks and Orcon, under one common brand—Kordia New Zealand.

Vodafone New Zealand selects Ciena to upgrade data network to 100G

Vodafone New Zealand is wasting no time to further its growing presence in the region, announcing that it has lit a new 100G data network in the country.

Pacific Fibre submarine cable network plans shelved due to funding issues

The planned Pacific Fibre submarine cable project, which proposed to link New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, will shut down, the board announced this week after failing to raise the necessary NZD 400 million (USD 324 million) funding needed for the network.