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Latest Headlines

France raises €2.8B from 700 MHz spectrum auction

France completed the auction of six blocks of 700 MHz frequencies after 11 rounds over two days, raising a total of €2.79 billion ($2.98 billion).

Orange offloads Kenya unit to Helios

Orange concluded the long-anticipated sale of its unit in Kenya after agreeing to sell its entire 70 per cent stake in Telkom Kenya to Helios Investment Partners.

Telecom Egypt still plans to enter mobile market

Telecom Egypt's new CEO quashed speculation that it might not seek to enter the domestic mobile market, saying the operator is paving the way for a mobile licence by working on the resolution of long-standing disputes with mobile operators.

Vodafone, Orange and Deutsche Telekom take lead in Europe's connected car race

The connected car concept is taking hold in the European market as three of the region's largest wireless operators-- Vodafone, Orange and Deutsche Telekom-- are taking the lead in developing new services.

Connected cars: Who's making money today, and how?

Connected cars are one of the fastest growing segments of the broader machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors. Network operators and in-car telematics hardware producers are increasingly cashing in on a market that SNS Research forecasts could generate revenues of $40 billion (€36.2 billion) by 2020.

BT wins provisional approval for EE acquisition

BT received provisional clearance to acquire mobile operator EE, after the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decided that the move would not substantially lessen competition in any market in the UK.

Vodafone, Orange and Deutsche Telekom race as Europe's connected car money makers

There are a host of ways to make money off of connected cars. The revenue streams will be generated by services including infotainment, navigation, fleet management, remote diagnostics, automatic crash notification, safety enhancements, usage based insurance (UBI), traffic management and-- ultimately-- autonomous driving. Despite that prediction, the term "connected car" remains something of a catch-all, making it hard to determine which companies are actually making money from the market in Europe today, or indeed what exactly a "connected" car actually is.

Orange raises EBITDA target following return to growth in Q3

Orange upgraded its core profit forecast for 2015 after it reported higher third-quarter sales and EBITDA for the first time since 2009.

Orange rolls out NFC-based Orange Cash across France

Orange is extending its Orange Cash NFC mobile payment service to the whole of metropolitan France, following the initial launch of the service in Caen, Lille, Nice, Strasbourg and Rennes in 2014.

Mobistar returns to growth in Q3, ups EBITDA guidance

Mobistar said it returned to revenue growth in the third quarter of 2015 after reaping the benefits of a transformation programme earlier than initially expected.