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Latest Headlines

AT&T expands LTE roaming to 13 more countries, but Verizon remains silent

AT&T Mobility said it will offer LTE roaming services in 13 additional countries, bringing the total number to 15 and easily outclassing all other U.S. carriers. No other U.S. carrier has yet announced an international LTE roaming agreement.

Orange European exec sees opportunity in IoT, OTT security

A senior Orange executive said he believes developments in Internet of Things and wearable devices on display at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona are an opportunity for operators to reclaim credibility with consumers.

Reports: Orange eyes Jazztel, as Vodafone weighs raising Hellas stake

Another day, another rumour about a mobile operator thinking about buying more fixed-line assets to boost its convergence strategy: latest reports suggest Orange is interested in bolstering its position in Spain by buying Jazztel, while Vodafone is said to be weighing an increase in its stake in Greek broadband provider Hellas Online.

Orange hits back at Facebook with OTT messaging developments

Orange immediately struck back against news that Facebook is acquiring over-the-top (OTT) messaging firm WhatsApp, by revealing changes to its Libon messaging application that will open the service to more users and operators.

AT&T, Cisco promise Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi roaming for MWC attendees

The backers of Hotspot 2.0 want the mobile industry to know that the technology is ready for prime time, and there probably is no better way to make that point than to deploy Hotspot 2.0 for automatic use by at least a portion of the attendees at next week's Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

Orange Cash mobile payments service goes live

Orange has launched its Orange Cash NFC mobile payment service in two cities in France, continuing a spate of mobile payment and banking announcements across Europe.

Hilton: Enterprises turn to operators for 'Internet of Things' services

There are four reasons why enterprises purchase Internet of Things (IoT) services from communications operators, all of which hinge on the fact that IoT systems are complex to design, test, implement and run.

France's Arcep creates fiber to the distribution point architecture working group

Arcep, France's telecom regulator, is relying on a new working group to address the emerging fiber to the distribution point (FTTdp) concept, which allows for 200 Mbps speeds and above over existing copper by driving fiber very close to a subscriber's home or premises.

Orange joins rivals with 'complex' free inclusive roaming plans

Orange has become the latest operator to announce mobile plans that eliminate roaming fees for European consumers, but one analyst said French operators are taking an overly complex approach to "free inclusive roaming" plans that could just confuse users.

Orange's Vivek Badrinath quits at critical time for operator

Vivek Badrinath, a rising star at Orange Group and the former CEO of Orange Business Services, has decided to leave the group in order to pursue new opportunities at the Accor hotel group, the French company confirmed on Monday.