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Latest Headlines

Altice, Vivendi sign final agreement on SFR-Numericable merger

Altice and Vivendi said they have signed the definitive agreement on the merger of their respective French units Numericable and SFR, dashing any last lingering hopes that opponents to the deal might have had that the planned union would fail at the final hurdle.  

Mallinson: Substituting capital for labour--LTE Advanced added and 1,500 jobs lost at Bouygues Telecom

The need to reduce costs is as pressing in France at Bouygues Telecom as anywhere, and yet the company is forging ahead with its 4G investments including its recent launch of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) and will modernise its stores.

France's operators gear up for LTE Advanced

Bouygues Telecom this week announced the launch of commercial LTE Advanced (LTE-A) services in a number of towns and cities across France, and SFR and Orange also took the opportunity to provide an update on their LTE-A rollout strategies.

Alcatel-Lucent invests €3M in 'fronthaul' specialist EBlink

Alcatel-Lucent is investing €3 million ($4 million) in a French start-up company that specialises in the equipment manufacturer's core areas of LTE mobile networks and small cells, with a focus on mobile fronthaul to replace the physical link for mobile broadband networks.

Orange teams with Deutsche Telekom to boost tech start-up programmes

Orange said it plans to work more closely with Deutsche Telekom to boost the operators' respective technology start-up programmes.

France rolls up its sleeves to avert planned Bouygues job cuts

Bouygues Telecom finally revealed this week that it plans to cut 1,516 jobs or 17 per cent of its workforce as part of a transformation plan that the operator hopes will enable it to survive in a market with four mobile players.

Bouygues Telecom considers cutting 2,000 jobs as future hangs in balance

Bouygues Telecom is widely expected to announce between 1,500 and 2,000 job cuts after a meeting with its unions on Wednesday, amid ongoing rumours that the struggling operator is the object of take-over interest by its two main rivals, Iliad and Orange.

3 UK gets rid of roaming charges in 5 more markets

3 UK extended its Feel At Home plans that eliminate roaming charges for its customers into a further five markets, including the popular UK holiday destination of France.

Orange, Deutsche Telekom still pursuing EE IPO

Orange and Deutsche Telekom have not abandoned plans to float their UK joint venture EE, the French operator's chief financial officer said.

NFV to be pervasive by 2016/2017, says panel

NICE, France--There may be plenty of hype around Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), but in the view of an expert panel of operators and analysts the process to virtualise certain elements of operator networks will be well underway in the 2016/2017 timeframe.