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Pay TV operators cater OTT to generation of cord nevers

When you're watching a whole new generation forsake your distribution scheme, and you're seeing your advertising dollars slip away to digital platforms, you do what you have to do to survive. That's a philosophy many pay-TV providers are beginning to adopt as they develop lower-priced offerings that cater to a cord-reluctant generation of millennials. FierceCable Editor Dan Frankel takes a closer look at pay-TV's OTT shift. Special Report

Cord maybes: Pay-TV chases millennials with OTT services, but success is hardly guaranteed

Programmers are suddenly willing to play ball with OTT insurgents and are conceding to pared-down bundles targeted to millennials. But is their desperation a good thing?

Pay-TV is getting slim and going OTT, but will the kids come?

Normally when the captains of media industry announce new products, it's kind of nice when they seem excited. But that's not what's happening at the major programming conglomerates, as they reluctantly plunge forward with over-the-top distribution.

Cord-nevers unlikely to ever buy pay TV, while OTT providers step up 4K game

In a statistic that probably has cable TV execs scrambling to push broadband video, only about 2 percent of the 19 percent of millennials who don't have pay TV would consider signing up in the next three months, a new report from nScreenMedia indicates.

Pay TV has had 3,050 service outages so far this year, broadcasters tell Congress

Continuing an aggressive communications barrage against the pay TV industry, broadcast group TVfreedom wrote its latest Congressional letter to perhaps its most sympathetic lawmaker, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), informing her that U.S. cable, satellite and telco video providers have experienced 3,050 service interruptions so far this year.

Global set-top revenue continues slide, down 3 percent to $4.8B

The worldwide pay-TV set-top box market continued to retract in the first quarter, with revenue down 3 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2013, Infonetics Research reports.

Report: VPN masking is online video's open secret, and a pay-TV threat

Exclusive rights to sporting events isn't going to help cable companies hold on to increasingly frustrated subscribers, a pay-TV consulting firm says. That may be even more apparent as World Cup fans find workarounds to ESPN's hold on the U.S. broadcast of the event via a growing number of online services that help viewers mask or spoof their location.

Broadcasters ramp up retrans battle, ask Congress to investigate pay TV pricing

Escalating a D.C.-based battle over retransmission fee policy, the broadcast industry-backed organization TVFreedom sent a letter Tuesday to the respective leaders of the House and Senate communications oversight subcommittees, pushing them to investigate pay TV pricing.

Netflix cutting into the pay TV market, report says

A new Leichtman Research Group poll found that 48 percent of U.S. households that don't subscribe to pay TV now pay a monthly Netflix bill, up from just 29 percent in 2012 and 16 percent in 2010.

OTT households grow, while pay-TV consumers at their most miserable

Cable may still be king of media delivery, but the kingdom's subjects couldn't be more miserable, a new report shows. And while pay-TV subscribers hunt for an alternative to their current subscriptions, the number of over-the-top households continues to grow, another study found.