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Latest Headlines

Report: Canadians slicing the TV cord on pace with U.S. counterparts

New research from the Toronto-based Convergence Consulting Group indicates that Canadians are snipping the TV cords at a pace that rivals than their counterparts in the U.S.

Subscribers increasingly fleeing pay-TV, report says

For the first time ever, pay-TV providers posted a full-year decline in subscriptions, a new report by SNL Kagan said.

Oscars streamed less than perfectly for TV Everywhere users, Aereo subs

Many would-be online viewers of the Academy Awards encountered problems Sunday, according to multiple reports. The technical problems were the latest in a series of online-video service issues to surface in recent weeks.

Verizon and OnCue: Fuel for FiOS and wireless

In Verizon, OnCue has found a buyer with experience building relationships with the TV networks and content owners. Verizon also has the financial and technical resources to keep OnCue going.

Taking pay-TV over the top may be too challenging

In today's spotlight, Josh Wein, editor of FierceOnlineVideo, explains why he believes neither 4K as a streaming service nor a full-fledged, over-the-top pay-TV service will ever become mainstream consumer products.

Time Warner Cable leads the pay-TV app segment

Time Warner Cable has become the dominant pay TV distributor app provider. Unlike other cable MSOs, TWC has been more open to supporting apps on various devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android-based wireless devices as well as Samsung's connected TVs and Roku's streaming video set-tops.

IPTV at center of GVT-EchoStar venture in Brazil

EchoStar and Vivendi subsidiary GVT are combining resources in a proposed pay TV joint venture in Brazil that would leverage GVT's IP network and EchoStar's satellite and video technology expertise.

IPTV is now part of a much bigger world

In football terms, IPTV is the AFL of video entertainment, taking the field in the shadow of the NFL but, through the efforts of some pretty powerful players like AT&T and CenturyLink, reaching competitive parity with the big guys. That's why IPTV, the reason FierceIPTV was spawned in the first place, is no longer a niche product to be studied in a niche publication; it is part of a worldwide IP-based market of carriers and service providers.

'Cord nevers' get some attention

Video subscriber growth for traditional pay-TV distributors may be a thing of the past, and "cord nevers," or young people who have never subscribed and don't plan to start, are part of the reason.

Brightcove evolves its business as digital media world changes

Brightcove, one of the first--and largest--online video platforms in the world, is changing the way it does business, responding, it says, to changes in the marketplace.