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Latest Headlines

Commentary: Net neutrality should focus on the Internet peering points, not the last mile

While much of the attention of the net neutrality debates between Netflix and major carriers like Comcast and AT&T have focused on having enough last mile bandwidth to the home, the real problem actually resides in the Internet peering backbone points. Sam Bookman, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines this issue in her latest Editor's Corner.  Read more

Cogent won't enter peering deals with carriers, will help upgrade broadband connections

Cogent Communications CEO Dave Schaeffer has extended an olive branch of sorts to broadband service providers at loggerheads with the backbone provider over traffic costs.

Netflix lands Comcast interconnection deal

Comcast and Netflix have agreed to a deal which will give the top online video provider a "more direct connection" to Comcast's broadband network.

DE-CIX North America expands Internet exchange to 111 New York-area sites

DE-CIX North America, an emerging Internet exchange provider, continues to make progress in establishing a foothold in the U.S. market by expanding its   Apollon technology platform to service 111 access points in Manhattan, New Jersey and Long Island.

Level 3, Comcast call truce in peering fight

Level 3 Communications and Comcast have come to terms over their much publicized interconnection dispute, but did not reveal the terms of their agreement.

Verizon blames Cogent for unbalanced peering in Netflix dispute

Verizon Communications is fighting back against claims by bandwidth provider Cogent Communications that the telco is the reason for the poor video streaming quality that some of its Netflix customers are experiencing. Instead, Verizon says that Cogent is to blame for unbalanced peering.

France Telecom and Google entangled in peering fight

France Telecom is the latest service provider to become engaged in a traffic peering scuffle with Google and its Internet backbone provider Cogent Communications.

Sprint disconnects, re-connects with Cogent

Sprint and Cogent Communications have been engaged in a network peering dispute in recent weeks that late last week resulted in Sprint disconnecting its network from Cogent's network. That action