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Latest Headlines

Zayo, Netflix establish joint peering exchange in Atlanta

Zayo's zColo division and Netflix have partnered to become founding members for Community IX Holdings' newest community-based peering exchange in Atlanta, Ga.

Netflix calls out Verizon again on streaming speed after ISP continues PR war

Continue to mess with the bull, and you get the horns … all over again. Verizon found that out the hard way, several days after rekindling a PR war with Netflix over network streaming performance.

Let it go? Heck no--Verizon says congestion caused by Netflix transit providers

The corporate blog-based finger-pointing between Verizon and Netflix has  continued, with Verizon launching a new screed accusing Netflix's own transit providers of causing sluggish streaming video performance over the Verizon network.

Peering fights will soon be thing of the past, Level 3 exec says

The recent public feuds between Netflix and large ISPs over streaming video quality will soon be resolved, according to Bill Wohnoutka, a VP on Level 3 Communications' solutions architecture team.

Report: Verizon, Netflix are behind on setting up interconnection infrastructure

While corporate lawyers for the respective two sides managed to hammer out an interconnection deal back in April, Netflix and Verizon are just now getting down to the technical details behind their peering arrangement. And Netflix-subscribing Verizon ISP customers probably won't see their streaming performance improve until the end of the year.

Verizon ramps up Netflix tiff with cease and desist letter

Verizon upped the stakes of its broadband battle with Netflix beyond funny error messages and silly corporate blog posts Thursday. The telco giant and ISP sent a cease and desist letter to the subscription video-on-demand provider, telling it to stop displaying messages on the buffering screens of its subscribers, telling them their sluggish streaming performance is the result of congestion on Verizon's network.

Verizon calls Netflix customer ISP messages 'misleading PR stunt'

One day after onscreen messages started appearing on Netflix users' display screens blaming their current buffering delays on their ISP, Verizon--in what is becoming an all-to-familiar refrain--struck back on its company blog.

Google says its Fiber ISP service won't make paid peering deals

With Internet service providers including Comcast and Verizon currently kicking up controversy for charging high-traffic generating video programmers for special access to their networks, Google took the opportunity Wednesday to strategically position its nascent Google Fiber ISP service.

Commentary: Net neutrality should focus on the Internet peering points, not the last mile

While much of the attention of the net neutrality debates between Netflix and major carriers like Comcast and AT&T have focused on having enough last mile bandwidth to the home, the real problem actually resides in the Internet peering backbone points. Sam Bookman, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines this issue in her latest Editor's Corner.  Read more

Cogent won't enter peering deals with carriers, will help upgrade broadband connections

Cogent Communications CEO Dave Schaeffer has extended an olive branch of sorts to broadband service providers at loggerheads with the backbone provider over traffic costs.