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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink cuts PSTN power consumption by 37 percent by 'grooming' Class 5 switches

CenturyLink has set a goal to reduce power consumption on its public switched telephone network by nearly 22,000 megawatt-hours a year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as more customers migrate to VoIP and mobile voice services.

Verizon's New Jersey legacy phone services poised for deregulation

Verizon may get some landline relief in New Jersey: The state's utilities commission will likely move this week to lift some pricing regulations around basic residential telephone service, making it possible for the carrier to raise its rates for POTS (plain old telephone service) as much as 36 percent--and possibly higher, in time.

Verizon slapped with FCC $7.4M consumer privacy violation fine

Verizon is forking over $7.4 million to the FCC to resolve an investigation on how it used consumers' information for marketing purposes.

Genband CEO invites customers to join in transformation race

ORLANDO, Fla.--Genband CEO David Walsh used his Perspectives 14 conference keynote address to lend some perspective on what Genband is doing to remain relevant these days--and he vows the company will help its customers win in the race to the top.

Michigan House passes bill to ease AT&T's POTS shutdown

AT&T has another ally on its side in its aim to shut down POTS as a new bill passed in the Michigan House that will make it easier for large wireline telcos to shut down traditional TDM-based wireline phone service in 2017, reports mlive.com.

ATIS and SIP Forum aim to ensure IP-level interconnections

ATIS and the SIP Forum are partnering to specify an IP communications network-to-network interface (NNI) between North American service providers, saying the effort will lay the groundwork for "ubiquitous advanced real-time communications such as high-definition voice, point-to-point video calling, and multimedia text across wireless, wireline and cable providers."

Wireline telecom scare fest: What's keeping telco executives up at night?

What's making wireline telecom executives scared to turn out the lights? We're serving up five telecom tales that are arousing anxiety in this industry segment.

Remove PSTN requirement for incumbent telcos, Internet Innovation Alliance urges

Since only about 5 percent of Americans rely on POTS and the other 95 percent use wireless, VoIP, cable and other non-regulated methods, it's incumbent upon the federal government to remove outdated regulations that require telcos to maintain traditional switched copper networks, an Internet Innovation Alliance report says.

Modern myths of moving away from the old telephone network

Fear of the unknown can hold back American innovation and economic growth in the form of those who invoke bogeymen to scare consumers away from technological advances. That's happening today, as a dialogue is just beginning on how to upgrade and modernize the nation's old telephone networks to next generation high-speed Internet networks.

Telecom leaders, analysts debate IP transition regulations in Senate hearing

Industry executives and association leaders including Windstream's Jeff Gardner, COMPTEL's Jerry James, and NCTA's Shirley Bloomfield joined analyst Larry Downes and Public Knowledge's Gigi Sohn to testify Thursday in front of the Senate Commerce Committee in a hearing--the fourth in a series--on the impending transition off the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) to IP technologies.