As one of the last three remaining RBOCs of the old Bell Operating System, Qwest Communications operates as a local telephone service provider in 14 states, and has a national fiber network backbone serving business, carrier and government customers. Now that its merger with CenturyLink is complete, it is part of an even larger company that has local assets spanning more than 37 states and a combined 180,000 route mile fiber network.

Centurylink-Qwest combined coverage map



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Latest Headlines

InStat: U.S. Broadband download speeds up 34 percent in 2010

While the latest economic crisis may have driven consumers to skip their weekly trips to the spa or bring lunch to work, one thing consumers haven't skimped on is broadband service. Similar to its

CenturyLink establishes wireless resale agreement with Verizon Wireless

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) has decided that it needs to have wireless as part of its consumer services arsenal, but instead of building out its own offering it's going to resell Verizon Wireless' (NYSE:

Qwest (NYSE: Q): Landline losses eat into Q4 earnings, but CenturyLink merger is on track

Qwest (NYSE: Q) is once again feeling the pain of its legacy voice declines as the service provider's revenue declined 3.2 percent to $2.9 billion. The service provider, which is in the process of

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) Q4 revenues dip, 2011 outlook raises red flags

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) may feel confident about closing its merger with Qwest (NYSE: Q) by April 1, but in the near-term, the service provider's Q4 profit declined to $232.3 million from $286.7

Vertical Systems: Layer 2 Ethernet services drove 2010 Ethernet growth

Vertical Systems Group's U.S. bi-annual Ethernet service LEADERBOARD results for 2010 reflected a growing comfort level by enterprise customers to buy Layer 2 Ethernet services for their high

Qwest's video regulatory change dress rehearsal in Colorado

Qwest's (NYSE: Q) latest move to get cozy with Colorado's local and state regulators is a clear sign that the telco finally wants to become a major telco TV player. Although it will likely move to

Cbeyond extends nationwide cloud servers to SMB customers

Cbeyond (Nasdaq: CBEY) is enhancing its cloud service offerings for SMBs by adding virtual and managed dedicated servers to customers in the U.S. and over 60 other countries. Available through all of

ADTRAN (Nasdaq: ADTN): Broadband, optical boost Q4 2010 revenues

ADTRAN (Nasdaq: ADTN) once again rode an ongoing growth curve in Q4 as company sales increased 33 percent to $165 million, up from $124 million in Q4 2009. The vendor's operating income increased 71

CenturyLink merger could help Qwest's case for video franchise rule changes

Qwest's (NYSE: Q) latest move to change how Colorado's local and state regulators regulate video services is a clear sign that the telco wants to deliver a broader telco TV service across its

Qwest pushing for television regulation changes

Qwest (NYSE: Q) is apparently making noise in the video space, perhaps to clear the way for a new TV play once it's acquired by CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) As a first step, reports say Qwest is working