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This generation's light bulb is broadband

Rick Boucher, Internet Innovation Alliance To maximize productivity in the 19th century, artificial light was created to conquer darkness. Today, high-speed Internet connectivity overcomes

Electoral damage: Telecom titan Boucher ousted

Predictable midterm election results will wreak havoc on the telecom space-for better or worse, depending on one's perspective--which will take a little time to sort out. One obvious impact was the

Congress looks to shut down state iTaxes as Canadian court rules for ISPs

A strange set of bedfellows, including Apple, AT&T, Electronic Arts, Cox Communications, Verizon, T-Mobile and Time Warner Cable, have endorsed federal legislation designed to curb

Genachowski to cable: Regulation will be accomplished with a light touch

All week long MSO executives at The Cable Show, as if rehearsed, called for a dialog with the FCC over proposed Internet regulation. "We remain willing to work with them," said Glenn Britt, chairman,

House of Reps: We want broadband-enabled schools, hospitals

Legislators have posed a mission to the FCC and the National Telecommunications & Information Association: Bring more broadband to hospitals, libraries and schools. This call for broadband

ICANN JPA nears end, but legislators concerned

The expiration of the Joint Project Agreement that gives the U.S. Commerce Dept. accountability over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers--a situation that many people around the

Targeted ads take another step back

As telcos and other broadband service providers become more communicative about how targeted advertising works and what consumers might have to gain from it, the telecom industry should be starting

House subcommittee tackles targeted ads

Today's meeting of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet will be worth watching, as an AT&T official is expected to testify in favor of stricter

House jawbones rewrite of Universal Service Fund to complement broadband stimulus

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives opened up discussion on the hot-button issue of reworking the Universal Service Fund (USF). Past efforts have gone for naught. Rep. Rick Boucher

DTV delay delayed for now

The four-month delay in the digital TV transition endorsed by the Senate just days ago failed to pass a vote in the House of Representatives. The proposal to delay the switch from Feb. 17 to June 12,