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Latest Headlines

Forward-thinking utility companies could play in the 5G game, analyst firm says

Utility companies could have a role to play in the wireless industry's move to 5G networks, according to one analyst firm.

Wireless already playing key roles as the smart grid market matures

The smart grid promises to help create a more efficient, cleaner world with more agile networks that suffer fewer power outages and shorter restoration times. And mobile will play an increasingly larger role, from providing basic cellular connectivity to proprietary networks designed specifically for the IoT to wireless sensors that can glean staggering amounts of data.

AT&T asks FCC for more time to deploy smart grid services with Nokia in WCS C, D Block spectrum

AT&T plans to offer smart grid services in the unpaired WCS C and D Blocks it once hoped to use for in-flight Wi-Fi services, but it's asking the FCC for more time to do so.

Overcoming the hurdles to smart grid adoption

Wireless carriers see smart meters and smart grids more broadly as a new revenue opportunity in the Internet of Things. Part of that expected growth relies on consumers installing residential smart meters at their homes. Yet many consumers are still confused on what the devices do, while others may not be able to harness its full potential because of various access barriers.  Special report

Service providers turn to distributed generation to reduce power costs, increase reliability

Service providers may be aggressively expanding their coverage, but that expansion comes with a price: an increase in electricity costs and consumption.

Ericsson tests Zero Site urban mobile network in Spain

Ericsson said it has begun its first trials of its Zero Site solution in Spain, with an installation in the city of Santander.

Verizon targets utilities with smart energy-as-a-service platform

Verizon is jumping into the smart utility market with the launch of a platform that it is marketing to energy utilities with an "as-a-service" model that will help them modernize their infrastructure.

Santa Clara finding smart grids and public Wi-Fi mix quite nicely

The city of Santa Clara, Calif., has achieved a municipal Wi-Fi hit, as the free public Wi-Fi service riding on smart grid technology installed by the city's municipal electric utility is regularly exceeding 6,000 active users during peak periods.

Infonetics: In the limitless world of M2M, focus is table stakes for success

The network still matters in M2M and depending on the vertical segment and specific use case, will matter more so than in others. To the extent a mobile operator can coalesce the right ecosystem partners and provide clearly differentiated network-based capabilities that strengthen an M2M application, it will be in a stronger position vis-à-vis pure play OTT players.

AT&T partners with PayGo to let consumers pay energy bills on the go

AT&T Mobility is getting further into the energy monitoring business through a partnership with PayGo, an integrated utility payments provider, that will let consumers pay their energy bill through prepaid applications or on the go.