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Latest Headlines

Mallinson: Facebook pays over-the-top for WhatsApp

Keith Mallinson There is a lot to play for and at stake in mobile communications. It is among the very largest industries with operator revenues of $1.16 trillion (€812.4 billion)...

Facebook: We're not building a wireless network

Facebook does not have any plans to build or operate its own wireless network, and is instead working with carriers and partners around the globe to connect more people to the mobile Internet, according to a Facebook executive.

Facebook exec: We're committed to Home for Android

Facebook continues to support its Home launcher for Google's Android platform, and will do more to enhance the experience for Home, according to a Facebook executive.

Facebook's mobile ad revenue surges to 53% of Q4 total

Facebook reported a surge in profit and revenue in the fourth quarter, and said that the percentage of revenue it gets from mobile advertising crossed 50 percent for the first time. The company also announced "Paper," a standalone visual social status and news reading app.

Facebook launches video ads- but says they won't chew through data plans

Facebook is launching video advertisements on a small scale this week but claims the video ads will not consume users' data plans when they are viewed on mobile devices. That difference could be crucial, as consumption of data plans could impede video ad growth on mobile, where Facebook's business is booming.

Facebook is now in the GSMA- will Google, Amazon, Twitter and Yahoo be next?

Including more Internet companies in the GSMA membership would get the carriers out of an insular mindset that treats over-the-top players as enemies. On the flipside, social networking and media distribution companies would benefit from having a seat at the table with wireless carriers.

IBM upgrades Connections as unified communications meets social media

The social enterprise movement was one of the big telecom trends of 2012, and at least one vendor, IBM, is suggesting that will be the case on 2013.

Facebook's Zuckerberg dismisses idea of building own phone

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seemed to dismiss the idea of the social networking giant building its own smartphone, but he left open the possibility of working more intimately on mobile development.

Rumor Mill: Facebook plans branded smartphone for mid-2013 launch

In a familiar turn of the rumor mill,  Bloomberg  is reporting that Facebook is working with HTC to release a Facebook-branded smartphone as soon as mid-2013.

M&A analyst: Facebook IPO spells trouble for operators

Facebook's increasing dominance of the social networking market will damage mobile operators' sales from services such as text messaging, according to a study from M&A consultancy Magister